I'm So Productive!

Hi everyone! Enjoying the alarmingly hot weather? Good for you! As for me, I'm enjoying the air conditioning in my mom's house. I'm not feeling really well today. Kind of dizzy and light-headed for some reason. I don't know why! I thought I was dizzy from being hungry, till I realized I'm not hungry because I had eggs and bacon this morning! (Sometimes I don't notice I'm hungry until I'm literally shaking from it. I sort of disassociate from hunger sometimes, I guess from being homeless and having to ignore hunger cause there was no food coming! Anyway so I'm not hungry, but... It might be because I forgot to take my medicine yesterday, but I don't feel like I usually do when I forget my meds. Felt kind of weird yesterday too, when I was out at the playground with the kids... like I was going to faint! I hate that feeling because my hands and feet suddenly get cold and my brain says, "SHIIIIIIT you better sit down or something!"
So I'm probably gonna lay down in a minute and see if that helps.
But I've had a pretty productive day already, despite feeling shitty! Picked up a few things at the store, dropped off my car this mroning for an oil change, paid my phone bill and my car insurance bill, researched some health insurance prices, returned phone calls to my school advisor and the Self Injury clinic place, and washed a load of laundry. And its only 11:30 am! Go, me!
Okay, let me rest now.


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