Happy (Almost) 4th of July!)

Fourth of July is always one of my favorite holidays in life! I love the fireworks and the carnival especially! And I like it cause it seems to stretch on for the entire weekend. Its better than Christmas, even!
Anyway the past couple of days have still been pretty good! Yesterday me and the kids went to the Dollar theater (every Wednesday in the summer they play kids' movies for free, stuff thats already on video anyway but its kinda cool to see it in the theater again!) and then to the spray park, and then after Diana got home we went to Petland to play with puppies! It was fun! It was an exhausting day!
Brandon has his heart set on getting a dog that looks like this:

and we played with one at the pet store (its a chihuaha, by the way!) and it was so cute and happy and little. We also played with some other dogs, but the chihuaha was everyone's favorite!
Then we went home and Diana dropped me off cause she wanted to go to the gas station for some beer, so I gave the little kids a bath. (Mr. Bubble bubble bath, by the way, does not produce many bubbles at all! You have to pour in about half the bottle to get any real bubbles!) They were in their bath for a long time until finally they were finished and got in their jammies and everything, and Diana still wasn't home, and Brandon and Abby were starting to get worried. Then Brandon goes, "I bet she didn't even go to the gas station. I think she really went to the bar!"
But I texted Jimmy to say "Is Diana with you" and then he called me back to say "NO" and then we were like, "Uh..."
Then after SpongeBob ended I put the little kids to bed, except Abby didn't want to go to sleep because she wanted to cuddle with her mom on the couch, but luckily she fell asleep anyway!
Diana came home shortly thereafter. Actually, I should say, she came in! It turned out she had been home from the gas station for ages, and had been sitting in the van in the driveway talking to her mom on the phone and drinking up the beer she had just bought! She was like, "Dudes, why are you all freaking out? I was right outside?" Oh well...
Also Diana and Jimmy were fighting again and Diana said Jimmy wasn't coming back that night. Diana thinks I won't want to hang out with her if Jimmy isn't around, which is totally dumb for the following reasons:
- I hung out with Diana for about nine years before I ever even met Jimmy!
- I hung out with Diana even when it meant also hanging out with Tony and watching her get her ass beat and risking possible dismemberment or death just by being at the house!
- I love Jimmy, he's cool and all, but Diana will always be my BEST friend no matter who is/isn't around the house.

But I would still miss Jimmy if he went away. And I would definitely miss Pufferfish if she went with him! I hate the idea of splitting it up, so its: Jimmy and HIS ONE KID versus all the rest of us. I mean, Anthony sees the big kids one day a week, and thats cool and all. They love to see him, and it gives me and Diana a chance to have some peace and quiet. But if Anthony started taking them to his house several days a week, it would feel so weird to me. On the other hand, it would make me sad if Pufferfish only got to see Jimmy one day a week. For the big kids, one day a week is about all they can safely be allowed with their dad, and even that one day is iffy. But its different for Jimmy and Puff. But if she lived with him HALF the time, and with us the other HALF the time, or some other fractional combination, and we were never all together anymore, it would seem so weird. It would be like she wouldn't really belong in one household, she'd just constantly be visiting one place or another. And she'd be separate from Brandon and Abby a lot, and they might get more attention for themselves that way, but it would still be weird and sad.
Seems inevitable though... I dunno... I could go into anxiety problems just thinking about it. I didn't even mean to write about that.
My main point what I was trying to say is that I love Diana the best and I'll always hang out with her unless she kicks me out! And then I would be sad.


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