Happiness Is A warm Dog!

Well I haven't blogged in a few days, so let me try to update you!
The biggest news is that we got a new dog! His name is Mijo, which means "my son" in Spanish. He's a chihuahua! Actually he's part chihuahua and part rat terrier. Very cute! Brandon had been begging for a chihuahua since he's been able to talk, so he's really excited that he finally got one! Jimmy and him went to get Mijo from the people who made him, on Friday. The first day, Mijo was really timid... but now he practically runs the place! Clover has been mostly ignoring him, but they've been seen walking around together a little bit. Hopefully they'll be friends soon!
The rest of the weekend was pretty peaceful and good. Everyone mostly just hung out at home. Its been really hot out and we're all kinda sluggish!
Tomorrow is Abbys fifth birthday! I told her we could go to the zoo on the day before her birthday, since that is her favorite place. But yesterday Jimmy said he had wanted to take them to the city to see his parents. And anyway I saw on the weather website that it was supposed to be rainy today, so I was like, "OK, we could go to the zoo another day, maybe Wednesday." So when we woke up in the morning, it was raining, and I was like, "Good thing its raining, cause we couldn't have gone to the zoo anyway!" But then Jimmy said he didn't want to go to the city after all. So I really didn't have anything good to do with the kids. Anyway we just went to the mall, and I left Brandon play with Abby in the play cener, so me and Hayden could sneak into Spencer's and buy Abby's birthday present. Then we went to the book store and Wal-Mart. The baby fell asleep in the car, which was okay because I usually just sneak her into her bed and pop the pacifier in her mouth if she starts to wake up. unfortunately as soon as we walked in the dogs started barking like crazy and woke Hayden wide awake! Then Mijo just kept on steady barking any time anyone walked down the hall or anything. So the baby had trouble falling back asleep but I think she finally did... I'm scared to peek in there, but its all quiet in there so hopefully she managed to fall asleep!
The dumbest thing is, right after we went to the mall, it turned out to be all sunny and hot out. So we could have gone to the zoo, after all!
But tomorrow is Abby's birthday, and she's having a party at Chuck E Cheese, so that will be fun, right? And the next day maybe we could go to the zoo.


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