Fourth of July Is Over...

well the Fourth of July, my favorite day out of the year, is over! Yesterday was such an awesome day! jimmy and Brandon went to Milwaukee and brought back fireworks which we shot off in the back yard. (At least, Brandon and Jimmy did. Not me! I would be too scared!) We drove to the city and had lunch with Jimmy's parents, then we came back out here and had dinner with Diana's mom and sisters. We shot off more fireworks in the back yard and we went and saw the big firework show at the park. Then we went home and shot off even more fireworks! Having our own fireworks was cool, but we were pissing off neighbors left and right. Left and right, I tell ya! Including a deaf guy! Jimmy says its our patriotic duty and right to shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July, anyway...
After the kids went to bed last night, Diana and Jimmy went up to the bar for like half an hour, since it was about to close anyway. I was so dead tired and I fell asleep almost instantly.
When I woke up I seen Diana and Jimmy walking back and forth in the living room angrily. I think Jimmy was trying to leave, and Diana was trying to stop him. Jimmy ended up leaving anyway. I saw Diana go to bed, and then Jimmy came back in through the back door!
I said "What are you doing" and Jimmy said "I dunno" and threw a blanket on top of my head, then he said "Everythings going to be okay" and he went to sleep on the other couch.
So today Jimmy left me and Diana sleep until pretty late, and then he went to bed and slept for like six hours, and when he woke up he was sort of cranky. He shot off more fireworks in the backyard with Brandon and the neighbor kids. Somehow Jimmy and Diana were talking about going to the carnival, and thats when everything went horribly awry. Diana was hinting she didn't want to go. Then she thought maybe just me and her would go, so she went and asked Jimmy where the carnival was.
Then Jimmy came in and was like, "Well I'm gonna go up to the bar."
So Diana got mad and said she was thinking of going to the carnival and now we couldn't. She said, "but I just didn't want to go with you! I wanted you to stay home and watch the kids so me and Nicki could go see the band!"
Then Jimmy got really mad and they ended up in a huge shouting match, in which Diana hit Jimmy with a plastic dolphin and Jimmy confinscated the van.
And now Diana says they are broke up forever.
They're always breaking up, left and right! They always get back together within a few days. But maybe not this time.
I'm hella sad about that. I'm sad for Diana ause I know she loves Jimmy. I'm sad for Jimmy because i know he loves Diana, at least I think he does, even though he doesn't really say it much anymore. I feel sad for Brandon and Abby, even though they seem pretty good at not getting too attached to people. They're better at it than I am! I feel sad for Pufferfish because her dad isn't going to be arond anymore and she'll have to go back and forth. And I feel sad for me because Jimmy was my friend. He was the first one of the guys Diana went out with (most of whom, unfortunately, were sort of related to me in some way) who was really nice to me and always treated me like I belonged and didn't want me to get lost. Jimmy was always nice to me and never yelled at me and I'm gonna miss him being around.
But it'll be okay right?
Anyway, you can check out my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe! to see lots of cool pictures of our Fourth of July!


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