Carnivals and Fireworks, Yay!

Hi everyone! Its Sunday night and what a bummer that the weekend is over!
I've been sad for no reason lately and sort of spacey, but other than that, it was an awesome weekend!
On friday night I went with Diana and Jimmy to watch the band Infinity. They play good music, even though it hurts my ears from being so close! We also went to the bar afterwards. I know I embarass Diana and Jimmy when I'm with them because I don't act right socially. But I still had fun!
On Saturday we had wristbands for the carnival and we went up there and rode all the rides. I rode with Sarah and Brandon, because Diana and Jimmy are scared of rides! At this carnival my favorite ride was the Fireball, which looks like this:
Its kind of like riding on a huge, huge tire swing because its swaying from side to side and also spinning around. SO COOL! I was actually afraid to go on some of the rides but I went on them anyway and had fun!
Sarah and Brandon and me went to the carnival again today and had wristbands but it wasn't as fun because it was so crowded up there today, you could barely move!
Then tonight we went and saw the fireworks again. They were the best fireworks ever this time! I think they were even better than the Lombard fireworks we saw on the Fourth of July!
So it was a hella good weekend. I'm tired. I don't know why I been so sad and spacey the past few days, but the carnival helped. Sometimes when I am feeling really bad, I actually start craving carnival rides, because my brain somehow seems to know that it needs that adrenaline burst to even things out!


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