Up On the Roof!

Dude! Last night me and Sarah climbed up on the roof of the garage. (Actually Sarah did it first, and then Brandon went up, and then Brandon went down because all of his friends, who weren't allowed on the roof, got mad. Then Sarah wanted someone to go back up with her, so up I went!)It was really cool. The way you do it is, you climb up on some randomly placed bricks and boards that just happen to be by the garbage, then you climb up onto the playhouse roof. Then you use a strategically placed chair, balanced between the playhouse roof and the garage roof, to bounce yourself up onto the garage roof!
I thoroughly enjoyed being up on the roof. The only bad thing is, once you're up there, there is not a whole lot to do, except holla at people who are on the ground, and say, "We're up here on the roof!" And really, nobody cares. They just look at you like, "Yeah?" Because, having not experienced the roof-climbing experience for themselves yet, they just don't understand.
Unfortunately, after me and Sarah got down, Jimmy took away the chair that we had been using to get up there. I'm pretty sure we could always find something though!
In other news, yesterday Sarah, Brandon, Abby, Hayden and I met the playgroup at the Arboretum. At first there was only one other person from the playgroup there, but it happened to be the little boy, Logan, who Abby loves to play with. Logan is 4 and has two brothers who are 2 years old and 8 months old. Plus he has two aunties, who are 13 and 12 and happen to go to school with Sarah, who were also with them. So between us we had 9 kids... enough for our own personal playgroup! Then later another lady showed up whose kids are 12, 4, and 1.
We had a really good time. The kids played in the secret river and caught tadpoles. It was really, really, really, really crowded there though because it was Discount Day! After the other playgroup people went home, we stayed a while longer.
The only bad thing is, today when I checked my email, I had an email from the lady who had showed up late that day, who is also one of the assistant organizers of the playgroup, saying something like, "I noticed Abby had a runny nose and was sneezing and coughing! I don't think you should come to any more events this week until she is feeling better."
The problem is, Abby always has a runny nose! Literally, she's always in some stage of having some sort of cold. She's not even really sick. It could even be allergies I bet. I emailed the lady back saying that Abby, Hayden and I all have allergies and are often seen with runny noses. Maybe she'll still tell me not to come... who knows? Not a big deal, really... we could just either find another playgroup eventually... except that Abby really gets along well with some of the kids in that playgroup. And that one organizer lady who complained, we've only actually seen her at two or three dates, even though we go to just about all of them!
Oh well... what can ya do?
What other news is there? Not much. You can always check my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe! to see what the kids and I have been up to!


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