Still Spiraling Down

So yesterday turned out to be okay because I did end up going to my mom's work with Trixie but I didn't have to stay ong. I ate lunch there and then my mom wanted me to take the dog home because my mom thought Tixie was being too wild. So I was able to go home and I really just slept all day long, the way you can make yourself sleep when you are feeling bad, then slept all night too.
Today was okay too. It was supposed to rain all day, but it turned out to be really nice out, so I took Abby and Hayden to the pool for most of the afternoon. Brandon and is friends came up on their own also. Abby made some friends and layed with them, and I mostly tried to get Hayden to go into the water. She didn't like it a whole lot but she did sort of like wading around in the zero-depth part, and she liked the fountains... but didn't like when they blew spray on her! Anyway it was good to be out in the sunshine all afternoon, so that part of the day was good.
Then Jimmy came home and made BLT sandwiches for everyone, which was definitely a good part of the day.
Bad part? Diana didn't come home until 9:30 because she went to Jimmy's house to take a nap cause she had a headache. But when she did come home she was like, "Oh are you staying over?" Which was weird because I always stay here! Then when I said yes, she was like, "Okay I'm going out, bye," and went out, and then a few minutes later called Jimmy on the phone to see if he'd go with her.
I know it is me she is trying to stay away from now. :(


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