Sorry I just don't have a title and I'm too sleepy to think of a good one! ;)
I'm at my mom;s house right now but this is the last time I'll be here for about a week. I was going to trade Abby and Hayden's babysitter Thursday for Wednesday this week because she had to go somewhere, but then it turned out she can't watch them Thursday either, so I am going to be watching them tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. I am trying to think of enough things to do for all of those days in a row especially since it is supposed to be rainy most of the days! Bleh, what good is summer when its raining? You can't even go to the pool! Brandon likes to go to the pool even when its about to rain, but to me its such a hassle to spend ten thousand years getting everyone ready and packed up, only to go swim in the rain for an hour until they sound the lightning alarm and send you out! It seems to me like every year in June it rains just about every day. WHY IS THAT? NO FAIR!
So anyway.
I am at my mom's and I'm nervous because of the fact that my mom never saw my scratched up arms last Thursday because I wore my hoodie and hid them. But today is another chance for her to see! She'll either just be like, "WTF?" and not care, or she'll go total ape-shit and start threatening about mental hospitals and crap like that. Depends on her mood. Sometimes I tell them its just eczema that I scratched open, which could be true because I do get eczema a lot, and I do tend to scratch it open because it irritates me so bad!
If she only manages to not notice them for this day and tomorrow morning, then I'll have a whole week to let them heal and I'll be off the hook! And then I won't do it no more. I hope.


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