I DOn't Have Much To Write About...

...cause today is sort of a boring day. Plus I'm easily distracted so I keep writing one sentence on this blog and then wandering off to do something else. I already wrote in my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe, about what the kids and I were up to yesterday. And other than that, I just don't have much to report these days!
Yesterday was a good day though, so it seems like there's been a bunch of good days in a row. Diana thinks the reason I was having bad days is because I don't really have any life outside of the kids. I don't really see my parents that much or see Melissa or do anything else. But seriously, I really wasn't ever that close to my parents. I did go to Disney World with my mom and was really close with her for those few days, but as soon as the wheels of the plane hit the ground in Chicago, my mom went right back to interrogating me. They have more of a custodial relationship with me, wanting to take care of me because they think I can't take care of myself, at least not to their standards. Being around them too much makes me nervous. And as for Melissa and Maggie... I just don't know how to see them. The fact that I wasn't able to help them, that I went through all of that shit this past winter with them and basically put them at risk in order to try to save them, and nobody ended up doing anything, is overwhelming to me. I should make more of an effort to see them at least a few times a month though, but its just hard now. You know? And as for everything else... I dunno.

1.) Making an appointment to take the math and english proficiency tests at Roosevelt
2.) Emailing the assessment dude to see if I can get waived from the math exam because I already took math at two other schools
3.) Calling SAFE for a self=injury assessment
4.) Walking the dog (which isn't really pleasant for her or me when its hot out!)
5.) Working on organizing my room and throwing stuff away

Oh well, bleh, I can't force my brain to focus today!


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