Good Days!

I have a strange habit of never wanting the next day to come. I get very nervous at night, especially if I had a good day that day, because I don't want the good day to end and a possibly bad day to start!
Lately all of the days have been pretty good. Friday was a really good day. Brandon and Abby and Hayden and I, having been asked once again not to go to the playgroup, went to the DuPage Children's Museum instead and had a really good time. It rained anyway so the playgroup people must have been out of luck! Then on Saturday Diana's uncle and aunt and their four kids came over. They hadn't been able to come to Hayden's birthday parties last weekend, so they got to have their own private party this weekend!
Finally, today the big kids were at their dad's, Jimmy went golfing, and me and Diana and Hayden basically laid around the house and had a relaxing day. We went to K-Mart too and I used my gift card to get some art stuff for the girls. Only I thought $25 would stretch really far, and I had a big armload of things, and it ended up being $50 and I had to put half of it back! :( I had to put back a Sponge Bob wipe off boar, some wipe off markers, colored bath fizzies, and Model Magic clay. But I managed to keep some construction paper, a puzzle, and two Color Wonders sets!
Later I went with Jimmy to get Chinese food from New China Buffet. Its cheaper than ordering Chinese food because you just pay by the pound, and you go in and fill up your take out boxes with whatever you want! And dude I am so full, and I still have fried rice left over for tomorrow!
Tomorrow is going to be a weird day because I am going with Diana's mom to the courthouse for a CASA orientation. I've always wanted to become a CASA volunteer, and then Lisa asked me to do it with her, so I think I'm going to try it! Sarah is supposedly going to stay here and watch the girls for a few hours while I'm gone. I'm glad I got the Color Wonders stuff so I can leave that for Abby to do while I'm gone, and then hopefuly I'll be able to do something fun with them later on.
OK so I'll let you know how it goes!


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