Everything always turns out okay, see? I wish I could tell myself that when I'm having anxiety problems, instead of freaking out and spiraling around like crazy! Everything turned out ok last night. Diana and Jimmy came home and had Burger King and everyone was happy and peaceful. Today we all worked on fixing up the house for the big party this weekend... and now Abby and Hayden have a brand new bedroom!
A social worker i once had, back when I lived in the housing project, said i should have a safety plan and back then my safety plan was supposed to be drawing. Because back then I had craypas and i was always drawing. but the thing is it doesn't really work! Nothing does! when i get stuck like that, i can't get bad thoughts and anxious feelings out of my system! And I don't really have anyone I can call because first of all I don't like to bother people by calling them and freaking out on them! So I'm usually just stuck in my spiral for a long long long painful time and its like hell!
But everything always turns out okay. Today was a pretty good day. Right?


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