Yeah that was fun

Okay now its the next day, and guess what? Yesterday the rest of the day went perfectly good! After the big kids got home we all went to the carnival, including Diana! The carnival was in the city and Jimmy's brother was working there. So Jimmy's brother was getting us on a bunch of the rides for free! I went on all sorts of rides with Brandon. Brandon and me went twice on the ride that is sort of like the Gravitron, except it actually lifts up and goes sideways and upside down while its spinning! I think its called the Roundup or something. Diana went on it with us the second time. It was dark out that time, and once it gets dark they make all the rides faster and scarier, and they turned out the lights and freaked us out! Brandon and me also went on the Zipper twice! I used to love the Zipper but it was the first time Brandon had been on it. It was so much fun! Diana and Jimmy were both scared to go on that one though.
Then Jimmy went with Brandon and me on the Himalayan and the Hang Glider, which were both pretty cool. Abby loved the fun house and the big potato sack slide the best, and I took Hayden on the merry go round! It was a hella fun night.
Then on the way home all the kids fell asleep in the car, and went to bed right away when we got back... and Diana and Jimmy and me stayed up for a while and watched Gangland on TV. It was such a good night! I didn't want to go to sleep at all and make it end but eventually I did.
Unbelievable, right?
So now today Diana and Jimmy have gone out to the party store to get stuff for Hayden's birthday party, and I am watching the kids. Then we're gonna go do something as a family I guess. And everyone's gonna be happy... for today at least... I hope...


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Forget about the rest of the day, to me just having the kids fall asleep in the car and go right to bed at home would be enough to send me into ecstasy! :)

And a belated thanks for stopping by my blog -- I am much behind on my social visits, but I do appreciate it.

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