Tell Jimmy You're Happy To See Him!

HI everyone! I was trying to blog a little last night while I was at Diana's, but didn't have much interesting to say. It went a little like, "Yeah so Jimmy supposedly is not staying here anymore, Diana went up to the bar to try to talk to him, I'm here watching the kids, they're in bed finally, the end."
The whole evening seemed to crawl along so slowly. I don't even know why! None of the other kids were outside playing except for Abby's little next door friend, and Abby had to come inside early because she had two potty accidents within the same twenty minutes, so both of the big kids were milling around inside, and the baby was cranky, and I was trying to check my email while I simutaneously gave her a bath, but when I got up for a moment to hand her some toys Brandon and Abby stole the computer out from under me, and then the baby was cranky and wanted to get out of the tubby!
Meanwhile, Diana was having no luck up at the bar because Jimmy seemed to be ignoring her. She called me and said, "What time is it?" And I told her it was only 8:25, and the evening was crawling along like molasses for her as well! She was like, "Well call me back when all of the kids are in bed and I'll probably come home."
Finally all of the kids were squared away, and I called Diana, and she said she was still bored and was going to be home in a few minutes.
So half an hour passed and Diana hadn't come home. I figured that had to be a good sign, right? It meant either she was talking with Jimmy, or enjoying herself in some other way!
Sure enough, I woke up at around midnight or so as Diana and Jimmy burst through the door! Diana had had a good time drinking and hanging out with other people at the bar, regardless of the fact that Jimmy was ignoring her, and she had fun, and eventually Jimmy had gone home with her anyway! So Diana burst in saying, "Look, Jimmy's here! Tell Jimmy you're happy to see him! Tell him, come on, tell him, aren't you so happy to see him?"
Diana says me and the kids like Jimmy because we like the stability he brings, with food and no violence and stuff like that. I guess she's right... we are an easily pleased bunch. Bring us McDonalds and make us laugh, and we'll be your friends forever!
Unfortunately its more complicated for boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, huh!


brandonsmom_02 said...

Oh yes he did!!! And I got to listen to him breathe all night long and I think I cuddled him when he was sleeping!! And he smells so good and I just want him to lllloooovvveeee mmmmmeeee!

...A-N-D...he even made Hayden her bottle in the middle of the night! Wasn't happy about it, but I don't remember hearing swearing. :)

Wanted to say thank you for watching them and letting me go out. I REALLY needed that. I don't want to take advantage, and I missed you, but it felt sooo good to escape for a little while. So, thank you so much.

And should have left Hayden in the dress, huh? What a beautiful day! You were right and I was wrong.

Have a great day!

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