Talkin 'Bout Last Night...

See I told you I suck at titles!
Yesterday was another busy day for me! I was with Abby and Hayden all day. We did Mother's Day things. We went to this place about ten minutes away called Creative Learning Art Studio, and Abby got to make a whole bunch of craft projects, plus we also did a few things at home. Later on today, hopefully, I'm gonna go back over there and drop off all the stuff we made. I am at my mom's house right now cause I'm going to my little cousin's birthday party, and I told Abby I'd bring the stuff home and put it in a gift bag or something and then bring it back to her to give to Diana... because I was sort of worried, if we hid it somewhere in the house until Sunday, it would get found or played with or broken or something!
Anyway after Diana got home we took the kids to the mall because Diana had to pick up some things, and I wanted to get a new cellphone because mine was broken beyond repair. Last week I dropped it on the pavement by accident, but I fixed it, but then yesterday Hayden knocked it off the table and it broke again! Luckily my New Every Two thing was up, so I got a brand new phone, and this one is way better... it plays music and everything!
Then we all went home, and the kids went to bed, and Diana and Jimmy went out for a while.
Soon it was one a.m. and Diana and Jimmy came home, and Jimmy foisted an entire plate of pizza rolls on me, and I ate them and they were good. I am getting used to going to sleep, then waking up in the midst of the night and eating a bunch of food, and then going back to sleep when Diana and Jimmy go to sleep!
OK so we all were sitting up and talking for a while and then Diana and Jimmy went to bed and I started to fall asleep.
Suddenly, at about 3 am, something strange happened! I saw the front door shake and the door knob turn! Clover started to bark, then she stopped barking and jumped up on the couch with me. Since John had said he was coming back from Michigan on Sunday, I thought maybe he had showed up a few days early, maybe to get his paycheck which had returned in the mail to Diana's house. So I texted John to say, "R U Here?" because if he was I would get up and let him in, but I wasn't about to open the door to anyone else at 3 am! Then John texted me back to say, "No I'm still in hell."
So I was like, "Uh then who just tried to open the door?" I texted John that but he never replied and I fell asleep feeling a little nervous.
So then at about 3:45 am my new phone rang and it was John. Lets review how the conversation went:

John: "Nicki whats going on?"
Nicki: "Nothing. It was nothing. Someone just shook the door or something, but nobody ever came in, so it must have been, like, someone just going door to door trying to open the doors."
John: "Does that happen often in Glendale Heights, Nicki? People running through the neighborhood trying to open all the doors?"
Nicki: "Uh, no. But nobody ever came in!"
John: "Are you sure? Are you okay? Tell me you're okay."
Nicki: "Everythings okay!"
John: "Is my sister right there?"
Nicki: "No, she's sleeping, they're all asleep."
John: "They're all asleep? And you're sitting in the living room alone freaking out?"
Nicki: "Yeah but everythings okay. Maybe it was just a dream... but I saw the doorknob turn! And Clover was barking!"
John: "Thank God for Clover, huh? She saved the day!"
Nicki: "Yep."
John: "Well, I'm the last call on your phone, right?"
Nicki: "Yeah..." (Because I was still talking to him!)
John: "So if anything happens call me right away."
Nicki: "OK."
John: "See ya."

I guess I could have woken up Diana and Jimmy when the door was shaking, but I just figured it was John, and by the time I realized it was not John, the moment had passed! The whole time, I had been waiting for whoever it was to go around to the back door and walk in, but they never did.

And the weirdest thing is, in the morning when I left the house, I realized, the front door had never even been locked!

What a weird night...


brandonsmom_02 said...

I had so much fun at the mall. We kicked ass!!

And the doorknob was unlocked when you left because Jimmy had already left for work.

Yeah, I am totally wierded out. Remind me that we need to talk to Jimmy about that tonight!


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