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I suck at thinking of titles for these random posts.
Anyway, yesterday was a cool day because Brandon and Abby and Hayden and I went to the Children's Museum where I used to work. We had a cool time! You can check out my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe! to see pictures of our trip to the museum! I am a photo addict and I love to take pictures of everything. Anyway, Brandon actually ditched school to go with us, which worked out great, because he and Abby played together and I kept Hayden with me. It was really helpful during moments when, for instance, I had to go back to the stroller to get Hayden's bottle or a diaper or something, and I didn't have to make Abby stop playing and bring her with me. She could just keep playing with Brandon while I took Hayden with me. He also played with Hayden a few times while I played with Abby, but I think playing with Abby was more fun for him because she can actually run around and do things. Plus I think it was cool for Brandon to be there, because he's probably technically getting a little too old for places like the Children's Museum, but when he's with Abby he can play with everything and totally enjoy it without feeling like he's too big. One weird thing about having Brandon with me though is he's alarmingly protective of the girls and I don't think he really trusts me to watch after them. He's always trying to make rules for them and correcting me on what I should or shouldn't let them do, like "Don't let her play with that!" or "Where's she going?" I had to keep telling him, "Dude, I'm a grown-up, I can handle it!" He's always been a worrier, he always seems to have it in the back of his mind that the people he loves could just get wiped out at a moment's notice if he's not careful. I'm sort of like that too, and I feel bad for him because its really nervewracking to feel that way! Even at home he's like that, even with Diana. For instance when Diana and Jimmy are fighting in another room, he'll get all nervous and keep looking frantically at me, until finally he'll be like, "Can you please go check on them because if I go back there I'm going to get involved." So I'll walk back there and look, just so he sees me look, and I'll tell him everything is fine, its okay, they're just hollering but Jimmy's not going to hurt Mama, because he's not like that. Which is hard for me to believe too, but apparently its true, because I've seen Jimmy get hella mad but I've never seen him hit anyone. But Brandon's just never quite sure, and he seems to take personal responsibility for keeping everyone safe and sound.
So how'd I get on that topic?
Anyway Even Hayden loved the Children's Museum, as you will see from the pictures on my other blog. It was way better than the playground, because at the playground the only thing she can really do is go on the swing, and the rest of the time I'm just carting her around. But at the Museum I just let her crawl most of the time and followed her to whatever she wanted to see. She loved it! She loved the weirdest things though. Like this one scale that you can stand on to see how much you weigh in gallons. Hayden kept crawling onto it, then she'd crawl off, then she'd turn around and crawl back on, then off, then on, then off, all with a big smile on her face! Her other favorites were the tunnel and the slide in the Clifford room, the rocking chair in the baby room, and the jellyfish in the water room.
Of course though Abby had the most fun of all! She's the perfect age for places like that and she just totally got involved in every room we went into. Her favorites were the Pet Vet and the restaurant, because she could play pretend, which is what she loves to do most!
So. We were there a long time, and afterwards we went home and had a peaceful rest of the day, since Hayden took a nap and the big kids were pooped! Then Diana came home, and then Jimmy came over, and then Diana and Jimmy went out for a while. Jimmy has a new camcorder, which I used to film a wrestling video of Brandon and Abby. It was pretty cool, but I couldn't figure out how to rewind it and show it to them. I know the end part is crazy because Hayden, who was watching from her crib, somehow knocked her head on her mobile (which I think Abby was involved in somehow) and started crying, so I handed Brandon the camera so I could pick up the baby, and I think he zoomed it in as far as it could go, so when I took the camera back the next few minutes were me saying, "What happened? I can't see anything? What happened? I can't see anything!"
After that the kids went to bed, and I fell asleep for a while, and when I awoke Jimmy had appeared in the room saying, "Ready for pizza?" and Diana was behind him, and I was like, "What? Huh?" Then they really did make pizza, and then we sat around for about an hour eating it, while Jimmy and Diana argued amongst themselves about the whole history of their lives up until the last ten minutes. Its hard to tell if they're really arguing sometimes cause they're laughing and stuff and then they say, "Right, Nicki? Who's right?" And I'm like, "I PLEAD THE FIFTH!"
Thats a long day, right? No wonder I'm so tired!


brandonsmom_02 said...

love the pics and stories and I love to hear about how everyones day went.

Just wanted you to know that Jimmy really did tell me how much he loved you last night. Oh, and how he loves that you always tell him to be patient with me. LMAO!!!

I don't even think last night was fighting, because I was right the whole time! Right Nicky? LOL! No, it felt good to talk about those things. I absolutely adore that man...I'm so screwed!

My brother did NOT go to jail!

I miss you already!!!!! :(

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