Progression of the week

So this week is proceeding smoothly! Had an uneventful day yesterday with the kids. We went to playgroup yesterday morning but none of our usual friends came. Abby played with some new kids instead... although she protested, "I don't want to play with random kids!" Then we had to take Pufferfish to the doctor because her ear has still been bothering her. Turns out the antibiotics we were giving her didn't do their job, and now she's on something stronger. Her breathing is better though, at least!
Then last night Diana came home, and Jimmy and John showed up, and we ate some wicked good burritos. It was the event of the day.
Brandon spent most of the afternoon and evening at his dad's house. Brandon has been dying to have some pet lizards, ever since last week when he found a frog on our nature walk and I wouldn't let him keep it. (We don't have good luck when we yoink pets out of nature!) Diana kept telling him no way was he getting a lizard, and then she started to cave a little and said she'd think about it. By the weekend, she was secretly planning to get him a lizard, but she wasn't saying anything about it because she wanted him to keep having good behavior around the house, so she could tell him that he'd earned the lizard!
So on Friday afternoon he and Abby went to their dad's house, and on Saturday morning guess what! Their dad and his girlfriend took them out and bought two lizards!
The lizards were in an aquarium at their apartment, and Brandon and Abby were crestfallen because Diana said they couldn't take the lizards home. She was sort of pissed off at the shady way in which the lizards had been acquired. However, she said the kids could go to their dad's apartment and visit the lizards whenever they wanted. So of course the kids wanted to go the very next day!
When we took them to see the lizards, their dad's girlfriend was home but their dad wasn't, and she let them stay up there and see the lizards for only a few minutes. According to Brandon, he mentioned that he was trying to convince Diana to let him bring the lizards home, and his dad's girlfriend said she didn't want Brandon to bring the lizards home anyway because they belonged with her and the kids' dad.
So now Brandon has been wanting to spend every instant over at his dad's house, which is ironic, because before, you could barely drag him over there! He wanted to be at home, so he could play with his neighborhood friends, and he thought his dad's house was boring. Now, his dad is Da Bomb in his eyes!
So yesterday he got picked up after school by his dad and spent the whole afternoon and evening there, playing with the lizards. He took pictures of them and everything. He says he loves them more than anything in life! And he has fun over at his dad's because even while his dad wasn't home his dad's girlfriend hung out with him and played board games with him and did some sort of craft with him where he got to make a rubber ball... and he did it all with his lizards next to him.
Weird situation, right? Hmm...

Anyway, on an unrelated topic, I always love those blog posts where people post what keywords other people put into a search engine to get to their blog. And finally I have some of my own! Check this out:

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So, its good to know this blog is providing a useful service to people who want to learn about naughty files, Italian birthday parties, and puking!


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