So I promised you an update and its the next day so lets review!
When I last wrote, I was getting Abby's stuff packed because we were going to go to Jimmy's house for the night. But somehow we never ended up going and instead stayed home and watched The Lion King!
Diana went to bed early right after the kids did and I stayed awake until midnight watching a show about Alaska with Jimmy and eating a gyro.
Did you know that gyro meat is actually lamb? I hate the idea of eating lamb! But I was hungry, and it was kinda good. I swear, one of these days I'm going to become a vegetarian again.
This day was sort of bad because Diana and Jimmy were fighting, and Jimmy left to go golfing, and Diana was sad, and we didn't really do anything but I caught up on a lot of my sleep.
Hayden was cranky and crying the whole day. Brandon played outside with Eric most of the day. Tony and his girlfriend picked up Abby and took her out for a while, which made her real happy. They went to the park and she played with some other kids and made a big pile of worms!
Some sort of bug has been biting me and I have little itchy bites all over my legs! Or maybe its just hives. I seem to be having a high-anxiety day today, for some reason.
I wish I could help Diana be happy because I know what it feels like to be sad all the time and not be able to get out of it. I know there's nothing anyone can really do though because its inside you and when you get really sad nothing can take it away, you just have to wait for it to start to go away. I wish I had a plan so I could fix everything. I would make the house look great and make the kids behave great and make all the stressful things go away!


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