Memorable Memorial Day

Well I'm back at my mom's house after that weekend that seemed to stretch on for days! The rest of Memorial Day weekend, since I last wrote, was pretty cool. On Sunday night we stayed at Jimmy's house and had dinner there ribs and baked potatoes and corn on the cob and stuff. Then on the real Memorial Day we went to Diana's mom's house and had more food and had a water balloon fight and played Ladder Ball. I liked the water balloon fight even though I was mostly observing. I was holding the baby so she could chew on her little water balloon and watch all the big kids go crazy. Jimmy was filling the water balloons with the hose and he actually squirted me like five times even with the baby in my hands!!!!! A good time was had by all.
Anyway Jimmy is going to be gone on a business trip to New Orleans for nine days, so its going to be a free for all at our house! We are going to eat a bunch of cereal and go wild! ;)


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