Happy Birthday 2 Me

Today is my birthday and so far it has been pretty good, even though I really don't like the fact that I am turning 29! It is weird for me because I look and act way younger than I am so people are always like, "Oh my God, how old are you?" and every year as I get older it gets more embarrassing.
But besides that, this day has been good!
Last night after Diana and Jimmy and John got home, Diana went somewhere and the kids went to bed and Jimmy suddenly said, "Come on Nicki, lets go to the bar," and I was like, "Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Because it was very weird for Jimmy to tell me to go to the bar with them, and Diana wasn't even there which made it doubly unusual! But John said he was gonna watch the kids, and so I went to the bar with Jimmy and had some Cherry Bomb drinks which are really good. I can drink them really fast because they taste like cherry soda sort of! We were there for a while just talking and then Diana appeared too, and we played the bowling game. I won once and lost once. It was really fun!
Also this morning they gave me a card and a present which was a heart locket where you can put four pictures inside. I am going to put pictures of the kids inside of it! Plus Diana's mom sent me a card with five dollars and a Target gift certificate.
Then I dropped Brandon off at school, which was a weird experience because Brandon said his stomach hurt and he kept needing to stop cause he wanted to puke out the door, but all he did was gag, then he called Diana and she said he had to go to school, and suddenly he didn't need to puke any more.
Next I went back to my mom's house, and she had presents for me too, a pair of shorts and a shirt and some $$$$$! Also today is Trixie's birthday too. Probably not for real, because we don't know when she was born, but her approximate birth day was in May so we just decided to let her share my birthday with me! So Trixie Puppy is One today! Plus my mom asked me if I'm going to be home for dinner today, so maybe we will go out or something, I don't know...
The best part of my birthday so far was definitely at Diana's house though, going to the bar, and also the locket they gave me, and the card which they all signed and which John gave the cow some tattoos and signed Breanna's name too. And Diana said the locket and going to the bar was Jimmy's idea, and she said that John had said something about that I liked angel stuff. Which is interesting because that means John and Jimmy are my friends for real too, not just being nice to me because I am strategically located at Diana's house at the same time as them. Which means I have lots of friends/family in life now: Diana, Jimmy, John, Diana's mom, and all of the kids. Thats really a lot. So I should never be sad in life, right?
One more good thing that happened is Hayden has been walking a ton lately! Check this out:

She loves walking now, and pretty soon she'll just be walking like a normal little kid! It looks so funny to see her walk, because she's so tiny and she just sort of toddles along on her little baby legs!
She's really sick right now though. She's been having trouble breathing and everything. Its really sad to see. Yesterday when I got her up from her nap she was wheezing really loudly, and she just kept looking at me with this confused look on her face, like, "Uh, can't you do something about this?" I think she's going to the doctor today so I hope she's all better soon!
OK I'll write more later, c-ya later alligator!


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