End of the Weekend!

Ugh, every time Sunday night rolls around, its like, "What happened to the weekend!" I remember how, on Friday morning, the whole weekend loomed promisingly before me... and now its over!
Not that I have any problem with Mondays. Now that my "job" is to watch Abby and Hayden, I no longer detest weekdays! But I definitely love weekends, because thats when Diana, and sometimes Jimmy and John, are home, and I get to hang out with them! This weekend me and Diana spent most of Saturday morning just lounging around the house, then picked up the big kids from their dad's house and went to Diana's sister's birthday party. John went too. And today we were planning to go to the Lilac Parade, but on our way there Diana stopped and got hot cocoas for everyone, and Abby spilled hers and burned the crap out of her legs, so we decided to skip the parade. (Although twenty minutes later she seemed fine!) We went out to lunch at Old Country Buffet, which was a lot of fun. We stuffed ourselves! Even Hayden ate a bunch of stuff like mashed potatoes and jello and biscuits and chicken nuggets and vegetables, and a big ol' cupcake with pink frosting for dessert! She was in Baby Heaven!
John was here last night and this morning and that was fun, but then he disappeared. He's very elusive like that. He could be hanging out with you one minute, then you blink, and he's gone! Today he said he was going to Steak N Shake to pick up some food. Steak N Shake is literally a minute away from our house. And he left, and never came back! Its fun when he's here, even though he's kind of bossy and always telling us what we're doing wrong as far as disciplining the kids. Today I put Abby in the corner for biting Brandon, and then after four minutes I let her come out and he's like, "That's not four minutes! What are you talking about!" Then when I was trying to talk to her about not biting, John kept commenting how I'm not strict enough or whatever. He's just like that, he's just full of running commentary. But I know he doesn't mean nothing by that.
As for Jimmy he's been working 24/7 and hasn't been around much, and Diana is still fighting with him a lot. Supposedly he's gonna spin his way back here at around 11 pm.
But mostly its been just me and Diana and the kids on the weekends, which is cool!
The baby is still on all her meds and albuterol and everything but she seems to be feeling better. We're going to try to take her to the doctor tomorrow to make sure her ear infection is getting better. Unfortunately I think I'm getting an ear infection too! But it could just be my allergies. I might get some ear drops from Walgreens tomorrow...
I'm so tired today even though I took a nap. Sometimes I have detatching problems when I'm first waking up and I have that a lot lately. It means when I wake up I don't really know where I am. It was so weird because when I woke up today I had no clue where I was and I saw Brandon holding Hayden and said, "Where'd that baby come from?" I knew it was Hayden but I couldn't figure out why she was there, and then I thought I was supposed to be watching her and that I'd fallen asleep by accident, but I forgot Diana was there too taking a nap. On the weekends, when Hayden takes a nap, me and Diana tend to immediately fall asleep too, like, "OK quick lets sleep!"
OK Abby is in the shower now and is hollering at me for something so lemme go see what she wants,


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