Am I Even Awake Right Now?

Ugh, I feel like I'm still sleeping! I don't know why, because I got a good night's sleep last night... me and Diana both didn't feel good and we turned off the lights shortly after getting all the kids to bed, which was about at 9:45 or something! Plus I slept in until 8 am. But I still feel like I been hit by a truck! Everyone in the house is getting sick again. I swear we get every germ imaginable!
This morning Brandon woke me up saying, "Can you take me to school? Right now? We have to go!" He's been late to school before, obviously, but he was panicking because he'd remembered that the class was going to have an "early lunch" that day, and then go on a field trip right after lunch, and he was freaked out that he was going to miss the field trip! No amount of explaining from me could convince the boy that "early lunch" probably meant they'd eat lunch at ten or eleven, not at eight-thirty in the morning! Poor little dude. He was literally making himself sick in the car, holding his head in his hands and saying, "I'm scared! I don't want to miss the field trip!"
The field trip is to the Robert Crown Center to see the Life Begins presentation. If I remember correctly from my own fifth grade field trips, he might have had more fun if he missed that field trip, anyway!
Oh well...
In other news, Jimmy is still in New Orleans, obviously, and the rest of us are surviving well enough. Diana misses him like crazy. I miss him too, but in my brain knowing someone will be back in exactly 9 days is way better than just watching someone storm out the door and not knowing if and when they'll be back.
We had a fun night last night, despite everyone feeling like crap. Hayden was running around like crazy and everyone was chasing her, and we basically ended the night all sitting in a big pile on the floor and laughing! It was what Abby would call "Family Joy Time!" Despite what anyone else in the world may say, I think our household is a lot better off than other families in many ways, because we do all have fun and enjoy each other's company. A lot of families don't have that, you know.
In worse news, I don't know if I posted this before but over the weekend Anthony was MIA for a while. On Sunday afternoon his girlfriend had called, and I answered the phone, and she was crying because he had apparently taken off the night before and not come back. So I tried calling his phone, and later Diana did too.
Then that night Tony called us back to let us know he was back at his girlfriend's house and everything was fine, but he was not doing good! He said he had done crack, coke and meth during the night he'd been gone. He was talking about killing himself and everything. I know he partially talks about that stuff just because its the worst thing he can think of to say to make everyone understand how he's feeling, and he probably wouldn't kill himself... probably. But still. When I was on the phone with him I was trying to remind him that he'd been doing good lately, seeing the kids on the weekends and everything, and that they loved going to see him. He said, "They love coming to see the lizards." (Well... kinda true...) He said, "They'll be fine without me. They have a new dad now."
But I think by now he's doing at least a little bit better, because he's getting the kids tomorrow as usual and keeping them until late on Saturday. So thats good right?
Funny Quote of the Day

Diana: "Does anyone want some Cheez-Its?"
Abby: "I want cracky! I want cracky!"
Diana: "Nope, no cracky for you. Genetics..."


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Did the little guy make it for the field trip? I hope he had a good time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

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