Yay! A Chance To Breathe!

Hi everyone! I'm relieved because I am finished with two of my classes, and I turned in all of my papers and projects for those classes on time! It was a miracle! I still have like three projects to do to turn in for my third, and worst, class next Friday. But after that, I'll be done with the semester... and hopefully, done with that school! I'm going to try to transfer to Roosevelt. There are many reasons. I hate Northeastern because its ghetto, plus, I know I'm not going to be able to keep up with this cohort thing. You have to take the classes when and where they tell you to, instead of choosing to take the classes at your own convenience. That means, during the fall semester, I would be expected to go to school from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, and do clinicals one day a week! There is no way on earth that I can do clinicals when I'm in school all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I watch the kids on the other days. ANd when I'm watching them three days a week, taking four back-to-back classes on the other days of the week is just asking for trouble! Plus I think at Roosevelt I can actually finish faster. I'm really going to try that. I'm going to do summer school at Northeastern this summer, and then start at Roosevelt in the fall!
I'm going to do it right this time too. I'll go to an admissions counselor and everything, instead of just trying to do it all by myself. I swear!
Other than that things are cool I guess. I'm just so glad to be done with this nightmarish semester. I am so happy it is spring and getting warmer out. I am so happy that its going to be the weekend soon and I'll get to hang out with Diana! I mean I hang out with them every single day basically but the weekend is just way less stressful.
I am trying to do laundry right now but its taking me a million hours because I had to stop the ;aundry while it was still soaking wet, because the machine was spiraling out of control, and now it is taking forever to dry! I should just go to the laundrymat and bring my laptop next time, huh, so I could do all my loads at once.
Dude I so badly hate Tuesdays and Thursdays... well I like them because I get to be with my dog and cat, who I have been horribly neglecting lately... but its so quiet and lonely, and using the computer is the only thing there is to do, and I get too twitchy!
Oh well.


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