What a Weekend!!!

Hi everyone! I'm actually at my mom's house now, where I have not been at all since last Friday! Feels weird to be here... but I'm happy to see my dog and cat!
I already wrote a few days ago about what an awesome day Saturday was! Sunday was also awesome in a different way. Jimmy and John were working again, and Brandon and Abby were still with their dad, so it was just me and Diana and the baby. We spent the day running a few random errands, and napping! Pretty good way to spend a Sunday, if you ask me!
I stayed overnight again on Sunday night, and watched the girls on Monday as usual. It was a pretty cool day. We went to a playgroup at the mall, and there was this place there that was offering free professional photo sittings, so they got their picture taken! I'll have to show you the free print I got, if it ever comes back! It was very cool.
However, things started to go more badly on Monday evening. Diana and Jimmy had been having problems, and that day Diana had told Jimmy she wanted to take a break. So we weren't even sure if Jimmy and John were coming back that night, and spirits were sort of glum in general. Then they came home, but John left right away in an unexpected departure to go stay by himself at Jimmy's other house. Jimmy stayed for a while and played with the kids, but then after the kids went to bed Jimmy said he was going home, and then him and Diana got in a huge fight that ended with Jimmy storming out and Diana crying.
So now everything is rather sad and it is hard to tell who is coming and who is going.
I hate it when people are fighting and stuff! When I was younger, whenever people were getting in fights I would just melt into myself and stop talking and be in my own world until it was over, or until I ended up having an anxiety attack. I used to have anxiety attacks left and right, back in the day! Often now days I still wish I could do that, just cover my head and close my eyes and disappear for a while, when I'm feeling bad. I'm gonna miss Jimmy a lot if he's not around because he just gave off a general feeling of things being under control and plus he was always nice to me. Plus I just hate changes, and when Hayden first got born I was not around a lot, partly because I didn't want to get attached to Hayden and Jimmy until I knew they were sticking around. But then I got attached to them and now Jimmy is going, and I just can't stand when people leave! In my perfect world, everyone would stick together and be a family and not all be falling apart and drifting off in separate directions all the time. In a perfect world I would get a big huge duck tape and stick everyone together so they couldn't leave.
Oh well, we'll see how it goes, I guess, right?

I wanted to take my dog to the park today so I came home early from school. But its raining so I can't. Bleh.


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