Puking Party

Well, the weekend started out promising! On Saturday Diana and Jimmy and the kids and me were going to go to the Field Museum for the day, and then the big kids would go to their dad's house for the night. But on Saturday morning, Brandon said he didn't want to go with us, he wanted to go with his across-the-street friend to a movie with two girls! We pleaded with him to go with us for our family day, but Brandon was so excited to go out with his friends, so we left him go.
Then, as we were getting ready for the museum, I had just gotten Hayden all dressed and everything, when she stuck her finger down her throat! I pulled her hand out of her mouth, but it was too late... she puked all over the place!
Throughout the day, Hayden continued to puke every so often. Jimmy figured it was because they had switched Hayden's formula. Besides, she wasn't even acting sick. She'd just calmly puke, and the rest of the time she'd be happy as a clam!
Meanwhile, the rest of the museum was pretty cool! Me and Abby got lost for a while though. It was alarming. Abby didn't even care that we were lost and kept running farther and farther, until finally I picked her up and carried her while I searched for Diana and Jimmy... then I gave up and put her down and let her explore Egypt until Jimmy snuck up and found us.
We didn't stay there a long time because it was closing early. We saw the Nature part, and the Egypt part, and some of Africa.
Afterwards, we went and had dinner with Jimmy's mom and dad. By then the baby was starting to get cranky and kept puking, and Abby was acting like a crazed banshee. We all ate dinner and it was pretty good. I was hella full because we had eaten lunch at McDonalds, but Jimmy and his parents were all like, "Eat more of this!" Then I was really hella full!
Then after that we went home, and right after we got home we went to drop Brandon and Abby off by their dad. By that time Hayden was screaming bloody murder snd when we got home she had gotten the runs through her clothes and she was really mad. We brought her right in and got her cleaned up and she seemed okay and went to bed.
So the switched formula theory still seemed valid, and everything. Jimmy went out somewhere. I went out and got milkshakes for Diana and me. By the time I finished my milkshake, I was so full, I had a horrid stomachache, and I thought, "Man, I better not eat this much ever again in one day!" We had a huge McDonalds breakfast in the morning, McDonalds for lunch, chinese food for dinner, and now milkshakes.
We went to bed and I had the worst stomachache ever and had horrid dreams about eating.
In the middle of the night I woke up and felt so horrid. I got up to get a drink. Only it didn't go so well. When I got into the kitchen, I suddenly projectile vomited ! I ran to the sink and just puked up fifty gallons of everything I ever ate that day. I felt like I just kept on puking and puking!
Finally there was nothing left. I was like, "Uh Diana and Jimmy are gonna kill me!" So I cleaned it all up and put bleach in the sink and went to bed. But I still had the most horrid stomachache on earth!
In the morning, guess what... I woke up and puked again! This time in the bathroom like normal people. And suddenly I knew I wasn't sick just from eating so much... and Hayden wasn't sick just from the wrong formula!
Diana got up when she heard me puking, and started quizzing me about my symptoms, because she wanted to make sure she would know if she was getting it! Then Jimmy got up, and when Diana told him I was puking, he said, "I'd better puke right now too." And he did!
Thats pretty much how the day went. Everyone puking and shitting and sleeping whenever possible, and Hayden just crawling around feeling fine. Eventually Diana had her mom come get the baby so we wouldn't have to worry about her. Jimmy periodically called people and described our puking and shitting in graphic detail so they would be updated. I slept a lot mostly because whenever I slept I felt better.
It was a horrid day!
Today was better though. Everyone felt a little better and we even got up and did stuff. We had Korean meat and rice and vegetables for dinner. It was the first thing we all ate in days besides chicken soup and gingerale.
So. Worst thing of the weekend: Being hella sick.
Best thing of the weekend: Everyone being together. Even when we were sick.


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