I have the worst headache right now, and I've had it all day! Its making my eyes blurry and making it hard to focus on the computer, which is why I will be logging off in a minute and closing my eyes to block out the pain!
Didn't do much this weekend. It was rainy, and our plans to do something fun on Saturdays fell to the ground. Rainy days suck! It is so hard to get motivated when you're cold and gloomy! Anyway, we just hung around the house yesterday until it was time for the kids to go with their dad, and then we really just hung around the house again today. Diana ran some errands with John and did some other random things, and I watched Hayden. We had a visitor to the house named Mike who somewhat reminds me of my big brother. I took an unintentional nap. We had White Castle for supper.
Now Diana and John and Jimmy are up at the bar and I am here watching the kids who are all sleeping! I wouldn't want to go with them today anyway cause I got such a bad headache.
I hope tomorrow my headache was gone! We were supposed to have a morning playgroup at the playground, but it got switched to Open Gym at noon because its supposed to be so cold outside tomorrow :( Bummer.


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