Hanging Out

Guess what I did yesterday? I went and hung out at the bar with Diana like a normal person! It started out cause Jimmy told Diana he'd watch the kids at night so me and Diana could go out and do something, but we weren't sure what to do because usually I get nervous at the bar and I don't drink a lot. So we were going to go see a movie, but we went to the cheap theater and it turned out it wasn't cheap anymore, and plus they had no movies we'd ever heard of before. Then we went to a bigger theater, but they had only Indian movies playing for some reason! Weird. Then we decided to go out to eat, but Diana said we should go have a drink first and then go out to eat, so she'd feel better. So we went to the bar, and we ended up just staying and hanging out there! It wasn't like a normal night though. Its a small neighborhood bar, and it was a weekday night, so barely anyone was there and nobody was even playing the jukebox. We played the bowling video game and I beat Diana twice! Then we played darts a few times... Diana taught me how to play Cricket, which is easier for me to understand than the other game we used to play that involves all sorts of mathematical equasions! She always beat me at darts, but I got pretty close! Plus I had two drinks... cherry bombs, which have Redbull in them and some sort of cherry liqour, and they taste just like red pop. It was a really fun night!
I think I had more fun this time because I was just hanging out with Diana and wasn't thinking about being different or anything like I usually am. I used to go there sometimes with Diana and Anthony but they always thought I wasn't having much fun because I'd get too nervous... but when there's a lot of people there I'm just not sure where to go, because people walk around and I don't want to follow them like a puppy!
Anyway we had lots of fun and then we got Taco Bell and went home and just hung out for a while longer. It was cool to have a night to hang out like a regular person!
During the day yesterday Brandon was on spring break so we went to Cosley Zoo and had a picnic. That was lots of fun except for when Abby got hurt and her hand was bleeding! She was playing on the caboose, and I was sitting at the picnic table with Hayden, and suddenly Abby came out and said, "I'm bleeding!" I thought she was joking at first, then she showed me her hand, and there was so much blood, I thought our next stop was going to be to the emergency room! But once I got it all washed off, I saw that all of that blood was just coming from one tiny little cut on her finger. She was hollering like a banshee, but I think it was partly because she was just scared from all that blood! I remember once when I Was a little kid I was playing on the big dirt hill in the field behind our house, and suddenly I looked at my hand and it was bright red with all sorts of blood! I started screaming like crazy and suddenly I just felt like it hurt really bad, even though I hadn't even noticed the pain until I saw the blood! Weird how brains work. But blood is a freaky thing for a little kid to see.
So we all survived in one piece, at least, and had a great day! I loved yesterday. I didn't want to go to sleep, because I didn't want to wake up and have it be today. But I did go to sleep, and then I woke up, and now I'm here... getting ready for school. Bummer!


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