When I was a kid, whenever I'd ask someone what the highest number in the world was, they'd tell me, "There is no highest number in the world, because you can always keep adding one."
Last night, however, I learned that that is not true!
It all started when Diana said she'd give Jimmy a pletillion dollars if he'd bring her something (I forget what, probably a tacquito maybe...) and then she said, "See why I don't like him to give me money? Because I already owe him, like, pletillions of dollars!" Then we started contemplating whether there is even such thing as a pletillion, and I pointed out that there might be, because there can't be words for *every single number since the numbers go up to infinity, so after a certain point you'd have to start just making up words for numbers!
Then Jimmy explained that, actually, there is a name for the highest number in the world, and it is a googleplex!
Diana and me bust out laughing at the word googleplex! Diana was sure Jimmy just made that up, and we were literally ROFL about googleplex and all of its infinite possibilities! Like...
"Gas is really getting expensive now! Today I had to pay googleplex!"
Or you go to jail and the judge sets your bail at googleplex. Then you have to get someone to post one-tenth of googleplex so you can get out! And what is one-tenth of googleplex? Diana thought, maybe, a goo?
Or you might never get out of jail anyway because you're facing googleplex to life!
It probably doesn't sound that funny to you all, reading it calmly on your computer screens, but trust me, me and Diana were laughing so hard, we had tears coming out of our eyes, and I nearly got sick to my stomach!
As we laughed hysterically about googleplex for about ten hours, Jimmy was in the kitchen making tacos and getting angry. I guess he thought we were making fun of him, but we were just making fun of googleplex! It really aggravated him. He said, "You should look it up!"
So I did look it up, just now, and found out that what we were hearing as googleplex is really Googloplex. Jimmy was right, a googloplex really is the highest number known to man... And I suck at math, so instead of explaining it to you, I'll refer you to this Wikipedia article about it! (Then maybe you can explain it to me!)
So, sorry Jimmy! ;)
A few more bits of wisdom I picked up yesterday...
*When you've had a long day, and you feel like just going for a nice long walk, do not bring a four-year-old and her scooter, because the four-year-old will fall off her scooter forty million times during the walk and she will get tired and she will cry that she is tired and itchy and has hundreds of boo-boos, and she will lie down on the sidewalk and holler while all the people in the cars passing by stare at you, and you will end up carrying her scooter home while she walks, and it will not be relaxing at all.

*When you take a four-year-old and her baby sister to Walgreens with you to pick up a prescription, do not under any circumstances mention to a stranger that the reason the girls look so different is because they have different dads, because this will lead the four-year-old to announce to the whole store that her dad went to jail, and the stranger's face will turn bright red.

*While rushing to find an aisle to hide the children in while you wait for your prescription, don't choose the toy aisle, whatever you do, because the four-year-old will see a singing bird in a cage that costs only $5.00, and she will beg you to get it for you, and you'll probably give in because its only five bucks, and then she'll profess her undying love for the bird, and then she'll break it four thousand times and she'll cry and you'll have to hold your breath and pray that you can fix the stupid thing just once more, and finally you'll tell the four-year-old, "Look, just don't touch this toy anymore! Its just to look at!" But she'll still carry it around everywhere, and it will chirp constantly.

*When you tell all the children in the house to go play outside because its such a nice day out, they will either hoot and holler and cry that you're torturing them, or they will blatantly ignore you. Even the neighbor's children will refuse to leave your house when you ask them to. You may need to hire a bouncer.

*When you are sleeping on a couch, and a four-year-old comes out at four in the morning and wants to sleep by you, you probably shouldn't let her, because she';l sleep right on top of you, and then she'll tell you that she wet the bed.

Thats enough wisdom from me for today! Remember to go check out my other blog, Adventures Of A Stay-At-Home Auntie, to catch up on what me and the kids have been doing!


brandonsmom_02 said...

This one had me laughing hysterically! What a crazy and wacky day, huh?

Give me a holla later and let me know how your day is going.

Oh....and according to that link Googolplex is not the "biggest number known to man".

But I don't think I'M going to tell him.



Anonymous said...

this story suck ass!

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