Baby Steps And Other News

I am at my mom's house doing laundry and I am so glad that I don't have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays any more, for a few weeks anyway! Today my big job is to finish two final school projects, and completely organize my room. Think I can do it in just one day?
Anyway, yesterday I captured this video of Hayden taking some of her first steps! She actually took a lot more steps than this video shows, later on... I think eventually she took six steps in a row! She is great at standing up, and then she just sort of tilts forward and waits for her legs to try to keep her balance! Its very funny to watch, and she loves trying to walk! Probably within a few weeks she'll be walking like a pro!
(Sorry the video is a little dark... I don't know why they always turn out that way!)

Here are a few more pics of life with Abby and Hayden...

We went to Morton Arboretum last Friday to see the giant bugs. Here are the girls with one of them! Abby always looks a little bedraggled on the days she's with me...

They have this man-made river there that kids can play in. Abby had a blast wading around, and leading all of the other kids there in making a dam with the rocks!

Abby loves playing with makeup and pretending to be Hannah Montana! She loves to say, "Pretend I was Hannah Montana and you were my biggest fan!"

Hayden has figured out how to climb from the couch onto the end table, where I keep my computer. She's obsessed with it! It is now impossible to use the computer when she's awake, because she's worse than the big kids! The big kids are like, "Can I use the computer when you're done?" And Hayden is like, "I MUST HAVE IT NOW!"

Hayden looking for her Fruity Cheerios

Hayden crawling up to me and trying to steal my camera

Hayden after I took my camera away from her

Never a dull moment, right?
I was just thinking about how my life is so different now that I watch the girls and spend most of my time over there. Shortly before I started watching them, I was going through a lot of depression and anxiety. I still do go through depression and anxiety a lot, but way less often and less intensely than before. At my mom's house when I have to clean up, I feel like I'm going through torture. But at Diana's, when I'm cleaning up after the kids, I don't mind it... I feel good to be taking care of things. I love spending so much time with the girls, and with Brandon when he's home (which is rarer and rarer, now that he's 11!) And I love at the end of the day when Diana and Jimmy come home and everyone is together.
The only thing I miss is being with Trixie and Sammy-Joe. I really only see them twice a week now. But even if I had my own place, I doubt my parents would let me bring Trixie with me. Even though she was supposed to be my dog! And Sammy-Joe... he's such an anxious cat, I don't even know if he'd want to move somewhere else with me! :(
Anyway, I hope you like the video and pics!


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