Another Good Day

Hi everyone! I am starting to get happy because it is getting warmer out and the kids and I can spend lots of time outside. It really makes the day go by fast! Today we went to McDonalds in the morning because there was supposed to be a playgroup there, except only one other person came and her son was a few years younger than Abby. Abby had a good time anyway playing with random other kids who were at the McDonalds. Then we went home, and since Hayden fell asleep in the car I just put her down in her bed, and then Abby and I spent most of the rest of the time outside. It just makes the day go by surprisingly fast!
Now I'm watching the kids again because Diana, John and Jimmy went out to the bar. But just now Jimmy came back by himself and said he's going to his other house (his condo, which he still owns even though he lives at Diana's house now) to sleep. It was sort of weird and I was like, "Oooooohhhkaaaaayyy, so are you coming back eventually?" and he said yes he is and anyway all his stuff is here. Hmm. Weird.
I don't know, I'm getting sort of tired so I might try to sleep for a while until Diana and John get back. Tomorrow we might go to the Arboretum! And the big kids are going to their dad's tomorrow afternoon! So tomorrow is sure to be a great day for everyone!


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