You Want BugLegs!

Do you have a baby or toddler in your life who would look great in a very special pair of leg warmers? Yes, leg warmers are back, and they actually do look extremely cute on little girls! In case you weren't around for the eighties, leg warmers look like tights, but the legs are separated like socks, and they don't have feet. I always think the layered look is adorable on little girls. And they keep the kids' legs nice and warm!
But whats the best thing about these particular leg warmers? They are made by twelve-year-old "Bug", and her mom. Bug was formerly in foster care, and was adopted by her mother. She is home schooled but would much rather spend her time doing something that would help her learn about life in the real world, and so she and her mom came up with the idea of starting their own Etsy Store!
So... go check out Bug's awesome leg warmers! They're the perfect accessory for this spring!
(This is not a sponsored post, by the way. I'm writing this because I like Bug, and I like her leg warmers, and I just think you need to buy some!)


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