Wake Up!

I am sleep-writing right now! Somewhere along the way I've gotten a little sleep-deprived and I need to catch up!
Want to know something strange about my dog Trixie? She loves to steal things. She is a kleptomaniac! But the weird thing is, when she steals things, she steals them in sets! For instance, she'll steal both of your socks off of the floor, or both of your mittens from the table. Also, she doesn't chew these items up like most puppies do... she just carries them around for a while and then hides them, like a suvinere of you that she can look at when you're gone!

I have started yet another blog, by the way! Blogging is my way of categorizing my life. I don't like to write about everything in one blog, so I have to run fifty million separate blogs... one for my personal life, one for children's issues, one for books, etc
Anyway, the new blog is at Blogchex.com, and I mainly started it because at Blogchex blogowners get paid any time someone clicks on the ads! Unlike Google Ads, in which people actually have to buy stuff, for this program you get paid by the click!
The new blog is about my experiences taking care of Abby and Hayden, and includes activity and craft ideas in every entry to help other people who spend their days in the company of preschoolers. Check it out: Adventures of A Stay-At-Home Auntie!
Okay I need to rest for a few minutes before my eyeballs explode.
I'll write more later!



Anonymous said...

Ugh....me too dude!!!! I can't wait for this day to be done!

But you were so *f*ing funny last night! I can't stop laughing. I am soooo happy to have you around again. It is so nice to know I get to see you during the week now.

Sweet dreams!

Oh, and I can't add the other blog to my feed reader because it goes to a blog called "plain jane mom" or something. Ugh! So you will have to remind me to check this one.


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