I was at the dollar store and I saw a bag of those paper things you can put your coins in to make coin rolls, so I thought I'd get one and roll up all my coins! So now I have a bunch of rolled coins, but I don't know what to do with them! Can you spend them? Can I stop at the gas station and buy gas with two rolls of quarters? You should be able to, right? The reason I wanted to roll my coins is because I always have a big bottle I throw my change into, but the bank I go to doesn't have a coin counter, and other banks require you to have an account there in order for them to exchange your coins for you. And I hate dumping my coins in the Coinstar thing at the grocery store, because then they actually keep like twenty percent of your money! How rude is that?
So anyway.
Diana thinks I've been too sad lately and she thinks I should stop spending so much time at her house and spend more time at my mom's house, in order to make peace in my household. But I would hate to do that because, first of all, half the time nobody's here anyway! I would be coming home to an empty house until about nine at night, and then what? Sitting in silence in the basement with them? The weird thing about my mom is she doesn't particularly want me to be here, she just wants me to need to be here.
Anyway, I've got a plan to get enough money to get myself a place to live sometime soon. I made a whole new blog about it! Because, like I said before, I deal with life by organizing my life into blogs. Plus the blog is part of the plan. The blog is going to hold the links to all of my money-making ventures, and will be updated frequently with news and other things. You should definitely check it out!
Also don't forget to visit my blog about watching Abby and Hayden!
Okay, that'll keep you busy for a while!


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