Really Fun Easter!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter! I did!
The holiday started out sort of shaky, though. Last night after the kids went to bed, I stayed with them while Diana and Jimmy went out to do some final Easter shopping and stuff. While they were gone, Anthony, my fake little brother, called on the house phone. I answered it and started out having a pretty normal conversation with him... at least, as far as conversations with Anthony go! He was depressed about life and angry that he was not going to be able to see the kids for Easter (because he'd waited until the last minute to try to make plans, and the time he wanted would have taken the kids away from their already-planned Easter gathering with Diana's family, and Anthony didn't want to compromise in any way!) He was also upset because he's probably going to jail for about fifty different reasons, all of which were pretty much blatantly his own dumb fault. But all that is pretty normal for him, so the conversation started out mostly casual, part of which included him begging me to change the channel to Spike so he could show me the Women's Wrestling match he was watching. (Fascinating stuff...) Then somehow the conversation took a bad turn as he started talking about how angry he was at Diana, and how his kids didn't love him anymore, etc, etc, etc. Soon, he started talking about how he would like to kill Diana, and then he started talking about a specific plan, how he would hide in the crawlspace at night and then climb out and slit Diana's and Jimmy's throats, then go into Abby and Brandon's room and slit their throats to, and unfortunately for me he would slit my throat too because I would be a witness. He kept going on and on about this, even saying how perfect it would be that we would all die on Easter.
I was listening and pretending to be casual about it, like I thought he was just venting, like, "Hmm, that would suck. So what else is new?" but he kept going back to his plan to kill us all and kept describing it in graphic detail.
I knew Tony was probably just being a punk and trying to scare me, but on the other hand, there were two things to think about. For one, you often do hear about people killing their entire families, and it often happens on holidays. For another, Anthony actually has gotten into the house through the crawlspace before, right after he first split up with Diana.
So I was starting to panic but just kept talking to Tony, figuring as long as he was on the phone talking to me he wouldn't be on his way over to kill us, and besides, maybe I could gradually just let him get all that crazy talk out of his system and end the conversation on a better note. Meanwhile, I was frantically text messaging Jimmy from my cellphone, with a message like, "Anthony's gonna kill us all tonight, please come home!"
Finally Tony abruptly ended the conversation, saying he was going to get ready to come over and kill us all and he'd be there in about an hour. I was like, "Alright, Anthony, see ya later!" Then I hung up and frantically tried calling Jimmy on the house phone.
Diana answered Jimmy's phone and told me don't worry, Tony's just bluffing, which I already sort of figured, but its still scary. Because it could happen, and he's very unpredictable, and the way he's been acting lately doesn't show a lot of love for his kids. If he worked himself up enough, I have no doubt that he could show up at the house with a knife, even just to try and scare us. And although if it was me alone I could probably deal with it by either just leaving the house, or trying to talk Tony down when he got there, being alone in the house with three sleeping kids and a death threat over my head was a little more than I could deal with at the moment!
So Diana and Jimmy came homeright away, and Diana called Anthony and warned him that just by making calls like that to us he was violating his order of protection and could go to jail. Then everything was better for the rest of the night. Anthony kept calling and calling, and even tried calling Brandon's cellphone (Calling an 11-year-old kid at midnight, while drunk, to talk about homicidal plans, shows the kind of person Anthony is!) Diana just kept hanging up on him. And he never did come kill us, so that was good!
Meanwhile we got all the Easter baskets put together and hid them, hid the eggs, and did everything like that. We went to sleep, and woke up alive, on Easter morning, all in one piece!
The rest of the day was awesome! The kids all found their Easter baskets and hunted for eggs, and then we went to church, and after that we went to Diana's mom's house for Easter lunch. (I had planned on just going home on Easter morning, even though I was going to blow off my own family's Easter gathering, but then Diana's mom invited me to her house, so I went there!) I had a good time at Diana's mom's house. Even though they still think I'm horribly nervous half the time, my most nervous state there is way, way less nervous than my normal state at home or around my own family gatherings! At Diana's mom's house we just sat down and had a casual lunch, then hung around and watched a comedian on TV and talked and stuff. The day went really fast, and all the kids had fun, and it was totally cool! Also, Jimmy brought flowers for Diana, for Diana's mom, and for me! Mine had an Easter bunny's head on a stick.
Now it is evening and I have come back to my mom's house. The only reason I really even bother coming back here is for Trixie and Sammy-Joe, my cat and dog. And my dad, I guess. My mom makes it so obvious how she feels about me. I mean, they barely talk to me when I come in the door! Barely at all! Not even like they're mad... just like, they really don't care whether I'm there or not, like I'm invisible, like I'm nothing.
You know what really pisses me off, though? I had some photos of Brandon, Abby and Hayden on the refrigerator door. One was a Christmas Diana had sent this past Christmas with all of the kids on Santa's lap, and the other was Abby's preschool picture from last year. They've been up there for a while. And my mom took them off the fridge and put them at the bottom of the stairs for me to take up to my room!
I asked my mom about it, and she said it was just cause she was cleaning everything off the fridge. But I looked and noticed that all of my cousins' pictures were still up, including new ones! When I pointed this out, my mom said, "Well, those kids are my nephews and nieces."
"But its supposed to be my fridge too, right?" I said.
My mom said, "Uh, no, its not, its mine!"
I mean, WTF? Its a power trip. Its a head trip. Its abuse. It goes on and on. Just stupid little things to let me know that I'm not wanted.
Like the other day I was drinking a soda and I started to get full, so I put it in the fridge to save for later. And my mom opened the fridge and said, "Whose pop is this?" and when I said it was mine, she took it out and threw it in the garbage.
I mean, WTF? Thats all I can say.
I swear, every time I walk into this house I want to kill myself. Diana and Jimmy and the kids are just getting me through the days, cause if it wasn't for them, and my pets, I'd have nobody.
I swear, I don't know what is going on with my mom... if she's pissed off that I'm spending so much time at Diana's, or what... but I gotta get out of here somehow.

At any rate, other than having my lives and the lives of everyone close to me threatened, and my mom being a bitch, the middle part of my Easter weekend was awesome! Diana, if you're reading this, thanks for always including me and giving me the chance to be part of a somewhat normal family!

Here's a couple of Easter pics...

Brandon, the goth, painting his nails black for Easter cheer! ;)

Abby and Hayden playing together in their matching Easter outfits!

Also, don't forget to check out my other blog, Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Auntie, for some pictures of the cool Easter eggs we made! (And please click my ads!)


Anonymous said...

Awww, you are so cute! I'm glad that you had a good Easter. I don't even picture you as a "behind the scenes" person, just a member of the family. I hope you never forget that! You are always welcome and I'm always glad when you are there because when you aren't there it feels like we are missing part of our family!

I had such a good time too!! Brandon said before bed "Goodnight mom...thanks for the most perfect day ever!" That was the greatest part of the entire day for me!

We love you!

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