Morning has broken!

Hi everyone! Well I have a weird week ahead of me because, for reasons I do not want to disclose on this blog because I don't want a stalker jumping at the opportunity to call or visit me, I have a sort of weird week ahead of me. Ever since I started watching my little nieces three days a week, it has worked out that usually on Mondays and Wednesday nights after I watch them, I will just stay at Diana's house and hang out and then spend the night, help get the kids ready in the morning, bring Brandon to school, and then either go to my own school or stop at home first. The only day I can never do that is Friday, because I leave early to go to my horrid, evil, boring evening class!
But this week I am directly in charge of two strange little furry creatures! One of my strange little furry creatures uses a litter box and generally stays out of trouble, plus if you fill his bowl completely with food he will eat it slowly throughout the day, so he can be left alone all day long or even overnight. But the other strange little furry creature not only has to be let outside to pee and exercise every few hours, but if you fill her entire bowl with food she'll just gobble it all down in one sitting and then puke it back up because she ate too much, and she also gets emotional if left alone for too long! So that particular furry little creature needs direct supervision at all times. Which means, this week, I will have to either leave Diana's house at the very second that she gets home, and rush home at the speed of light to take care of that furry little creature, or bring her with me to Diana's house. (I am pretty sure I will take the second option.)
I love Trixie and I am training her to be my Psychiatric Support Dog. I even took her to school with me last week, although it is technically against the rules. (Hey, doesn't that remind you of a song?) She was very good at school and just sat or laid next to me... but I still worry about her! She's also a pain in the neck to ride in a car with. She tries to sit on my lap in the driver's seat, endangering the lives of everyone involved.
Anyway... it should be an interesting week, huh!
Yesterday I was with the kids and the day went alarmingly fast, because Diana's brother John is visiting, possibly on one of those infamous "visits with lack of intention to go home anytime soon" that I used to be really great at! Plus Diana let Brandon stay home from school because he'd been up late visiting with his uncle and was really tired. So it was sort of cool to have two extra people to talk to! Plus Abby spent some of the time playing with Brandon, and she was happy to have him home all day!
Oh well I guess I had better move on with my daily routine now.
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Have a fun day!


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