How The Internet Tricks Me Every Time!

Well, I learned something today. I always thought that dogs, uh, laid eggs! Wait, no, thats not what I learned, thats what Peter learned on Family Guy! What I learned is that when you write something in your blog at night, even if you feel really bad about it in the morning and hurriedly log onto the Internet to delete the whole post and pretend it never happened, and even if you fall back asleep thinking to yourself, "Well, thank God I deleted that and avoided unnecessary bad feelings," be warned that the said blog entry will still end up in people's Google Readers, and they will read what you wrote in your time of emotional upheaval!
At any rate, I had a pretty good day yesterday. I watched Abby and Hayden all day, and you can read more about that at my blog called Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Auntie. You should definitely check out that blog today because it contains photos, some taken by Abby herself! It turns out she's a pretty good photographer, once I do some editing with the lighting and stuff! I mean it... she's got a good eye! Kids these days...
Anyway. As the story I wrote in the deleted blog entry goes, in the morning after Diana went to work and Brandon went to school, Jimmy and John were still lingering around, and Jimmy said that we were probably all going to go out that night, with the kids and everything, to do something for St. Patrick's Day. Then later he said they were just going to stay over at his house for a few days (Jimmy still owns and maintains a condo that he lived in before moving in with Diana and them) and wanted to know if, after Brandon got home from school, I could just bring all the kids and the dog over to his house. So after Brandon came home, we all went over there, and things went pretty well, except it turned out that between Jimmy and me we had forgotten to bring half of everything we needed, such as pajamas for Brandon, bottles for Hayden, and Hayden's car seat! (She sat in my car seat when I drove her there, but I left Diana's car seat at home!) Jimmy made dinner which was meatloaf, green potatoes, green beans, biscuits, and Green River soda. Green River is great soda, I never had it before today, but it is really good!
So after that Jimmy went back to get the bottle for Hayden, while I fed her some cereal and baby food bananas, which she gulped down alarmingly fast. I swear it took her like two minutes to eat it! I have never seen her eat that fast in my entire life! Usually it seems to take me like five hours to get her to eat because she is highly distractable. But this time she was like a little bird with her mouth open waiting for me to shovel the food in!
So when Jimmy came back with the bottle suddenly he was like, "Okay, bye!" and he and John totally hauled ass out the door! Which left me a little confused and alarmed. And you know how I have a tendency towards depression problems, so for some reason when everyone left, and I was alone with the kids again, and two thirds of them were attempting to kill each other, I started feeling all sad. And I did what I always do when I feel sad or nervous or any other thing... I began to blog! Blogging helps me sort my brain into nice, neat categories instead of having my thoughts bouncing all over the place and getting out of control.
The only bad thing was, in order to blog, I had to stick Hayden in her bouncy seat. You see, she knows how to crawl now. Thats totally cool, but the problem with crawling babies is, they seem to have a death wish! They're always trying to crawl up the stairs, or stand up and walk even though they don't know how, or hitting their heads on glass tables, or eating random objects off the floor. So I had to contain her for a few minutes... I pulled the bouncy seat right up next to me, which had worked fine while I was eating dinner earlier, but this time she wasn't really happy. She didn't cry or nothing... she just stared forlornly at me, like, "WTF, Neenee?"
(By the way, I swear she's been trying to say Neenee lately, but only when she's very pissed off at me, like when I change her diaper or put her in her snow suit, or the other day when I was attempting to adjust the straps of her car seat with her actually in it! She cries, "Neeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Thats the only time I ever hear her saying that sound, so thats why I think she's trying to say my name!)
After blogging I felt better and I managed to get everyone into bed safely, despite the fact that both of the older kids lacked underwear!
Shortly thereafter, Diana and Jimmy and John all came home and everything was fine and everyone was happy and I was having fun. Then I started feeling dumb about everything I had written, so as soon as I could in the morning, I deleted it. Too bad it didn't work! Damn Google Reader!
Then after they left I slept till about eleven, then hung out till about one, and now I am home trying to get a few things done. This is another day that has gotten away from me!
OK so thats that. Remember to go check out Adventures of a Stay At Home Auntie! Right now!


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