Hooked Up

Hi everyone! I was getting frustrated because I know my parents are never going to hook up their wifi and for a long time I've been considering getting my own Internet... so I don't have to be dependent on theirs, I can run all of the programs I want to run on my own computer, like the FiestaBar which earns me money just by letting it run ads on my computer while I work!
So today when I took abby and Hayden to the mall for their playgroup, I stopped at one of the kiosks and got a wireless card for my laptop! It is really great... the card itself was actually free, and it plugs right into my UBC port, so its very convenient. The service is $60 per month, though. So, in order to make it worth while, I'm going to have to be earning at least an extra $60 each month via the computer! I think I can do that... check out my newest blog, Angel Needs A Home... Desperately, to see what I'm doing to earn money online!
So now I'm on the Internet at Diana's house!
In other news, Diana's brother John did come back after all, and now Diana and Jimmy and John have gone out to the bar or wherever, and I am watching the kids. Hayden has been asleep for a while now, and Brandon has a friend sleeping over and they are playing in the bedroom, so thats why I have some time to play with my very favorite Internet!!! But actually Abby is still awake. She went to bed but couldn't sleep and said she was hearing scary noises, so I let her come out and lay down on the couch. Hopefully she'll fall asleep! I think she's just not tired though, because she fell asleep earlier in the evening watching TV!
We went to this generic place in the mall that is supposed to be like Build-A-Bear but is a little cheaper. Abby got a blue bear and Hayden got a penguin. I thought it would be an actual activity for the day, but it really only took about five minutes to make the animals! Luckily the playgroup was strategically located in the mall today, so Abby got to play with the kids for a while and Hayden got to crawl around like a maniac!
Hmm, I'm so sleepy, I might go to sleep too!


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