Goin' to The Zoo!

I had a pretty cool weekend! Yesterday I went to the zoo with Diana. her sister Sarah, and the kids. It was chillier out than we originally felt like it was, and we only got to stay for a few hours, but we had lots of fun! My favorite part of the zoo is the Children's Zoo with the petting zoo because I love petting animals! One day in life I want to live somewhere where I can have my own personal petting zoo! Except they would be just pets... Pet goats, chickens, ducks, cows, etc! That would be blissful for me! Except for my allergies, I guess...
Diana has a zoo pass so we also get to go into places of the zoo that other people have to pay extra for. They have this indoor Family Zoo that is like a little children's museum with all sorts of things for kids to do and play. I think that is probably every kid's favorite part because they get to run around and touch things and experience things, instead of just walking around and looking!
We also did look at some of the animals that were indoors. We went through the monkey part, which is always lots of fun. You walk around on the bridge thing, and look down into where all the monkeys are living! its like looking at a regular jungle!
We also saw some other random animals like otters and turtles and stuff. I think that was the water section. Its pretty cool too. And while walking to the children's zoo, we saw polar bears and regular bears!
I can't wait until it gets warm out again so we can go for longer times and all the animals will be outside! I want to see the penguins because they're my favorites. And koala bears. And seals. And elephants. And giraffes. And I like the sea world section. I wish I could go to the real sea world!
Anyway it was a wicked cool day for the kids and us. Afterwards, we dropped Brandon and Abby off at their dad's house, and took Sarah back to her mom's house, and we were left with just Hayden! And we got Jimmy John's for dinner. Then we went home and Jimmy brought us chocolate milkshakes from Steak n Shake! Then in the morning Jimmy brought us McDonalds for breakfast! Jimmy likes to bring us food. Pretty much 80% of what I eat in life these days somehow comes from Jimmy. I barely eat at all on the days when I'm at my mom's, but I'm probably getting fat from the days I spend at Diana's!
I hated to come home early today but I had to get some things done. For instance, right now while I am blogging, I should be doing the homework I've been putting off for days! Its due Tuesday! Ugh!
Also last night I couldn't sleep because sometimes I get that way, when I don't take my medicine, I get all jumpy and hyper and can't fall asleep. I was sitting in the kitchen on the rocking chair for an hour or so because at Diana's there is a rocking chair strategically located in the middle of the kitchen kitchen. When I get a house I plan to have a rocking chair in my kitchen too, because I sit in that rocking chair there all the time when I am hyper! You can rock in it and people don't tell you, "Stop rocking!" or ask whats wrong, because you're in a rocking chair! Anyway while I was sitting there John called and said he is coming back to Diana's tonight. So I told Diana and Jimmy but they are not sure he'll come for real.
Then after I was rocking I was reading for a while at the table, then Diana woke up and I watched the Save The Last Dance movie with her until I fell asleep. I am off of my Adderall because I don't have insurance, and just skipped my Celexa because I forgot to pack it for the weekend, so thats why I was so crazy and jumpy! But I feel better now, sort of.
I wish life could always be like this. In my perfect world, everyone I cared about would always be together and be getting along, and nobody would ever go away or get mad.


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