The Day That Kinda Sucked!

So, this day kinda sucked, man! I was supposed to go to my little cousin's school to read a story to her class, which was her special thing for being Star Student for the week! That was all good and I was excited to do it. But I wasn't planning to stay long, because I needed to come back here and spend some time catching up on stuff and playing with my animals!
Anyway my aunt lives about an hour away and I left on time, but there was a police road block and I had to get detoured, and I never was able to find my way back to the right road! I kept ending up in circles. It didn't help that the road I was supposed to be on, Route 83, branches off a thousand times into different Route 83's, so even when I thought I got back on Route 83, I wasn't on the right one! Finally I called my aunt and she Mapquested my way to her house, but I was really late by then.
So I read the story to the kids, and it went well. It only took about fifteen minutes! I then went out to lunch with my aunt and my younger cousin who doesn't go to school yet, and after that I headed home. But because of getting lost, I was nearly out of gas! So I stopped for gas, but I couldn't get my stupid gas tank open! Its the kind with the lever inside the car. I yanked and yanked and yanked and couldn't get the door to pop open! So I had to drive home on fumes, hoping I wouldn't run out of gas!
I got it fixed though. I stopped at the Shell station by my work and the guy did some random thing to it and it seemed to work after that.
So then I came home but it was already 3:00 and I've been trying to catch up on everything ever since then!
Plus I'm REALLY tired today because I was having a horrid time sleeping last night! Even though I was tired, I couldn't stop moving! I couldn't stop moving for anything! It was like that Restless Leg Syndrome, except mine would have been Restless Entire Body Syndrome! My mind kept swirling around like crazy and I kept tossing and turning in an extreme fashion, like completely flipflopping from one end of the couch to the other! I felt like I could have gone outside and run around the block forty times, except my brain was actually so tired! I was actually trying to fall asleep sitting up and leaning forward with my head on my knees, because that was the only way I could hold still for five minutes! Somehow I fell asleep though. I have no idea how. Some little voice just told me to sit down and try to pay attention to the TV. It was some crappy TV show, which I guess I could have switched because everyone else was sleeping, but my brain didn't even think of it, so I just sat there trying to pay attention to the show, and the next thing I knew, it was morning and I had been asleep!

I have been staying at Diana's or Jimmy's house most of the time lately, even on the nights when I didn't watch the kids. I slept there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I am sleeping here tonight but I will probably spend the day there tomorrow and maybe sleep there, then I don't know what I will do on Saturday but I should probably try to do something useful, and then usually on the night before Easter I stay there also.
John went home to Michigan but he says he's coming back in ten days. He swore he was coming back but you know how it is. And Diana and Jimmy aren't getting along so well as of late.
My main problem is I get attached to people pretty fast even when I try not to. Then they leave. Or they go crazy and become menaces to society. Its always one or the other, somehow, isn't it?


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