Hi! I am home right now spending a few minutes on the computer before I leave to go to school! Bleh! I really only have a month left of school, I guess, but its really driving me crazy. Actually only one class is driving me absolutely out of my mind: Public School Curriculum. The other classes are okay, but this one class is completely group work, all the time, nothing but group work and projects. Way too overwhelming! Ugh!
Anyway I watched the kids yesterday and we went to Morton Arbortoreum, which was pretty cool because they have a children's garden that Abby liked a lot. I think it would be way cooler to go there in the summer though because they have a lot of fountains and stuff, and they actually have a "secret" river that you can get in and splash around in! It would be cool to go there in the summer and bring Brandon and spend a longer time... We really just spent an hour or so there because it was sort of cold. Plus the whole reason we went there was because the website said there would be tons of bird activities and crafts and stuff, so we sort of had a bird "theme" for the day in the morning, but when we got there there was no bird stuff! Just some sort of puzzle with owl pellets! Oh well.
Then we went home and had an alarmingly huge dinner which was chicken, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, stuffing, garlic bread, and Green River pop. Then I fell asleep and actually slept all the way until 7:30 in the morning!!!!! So it was an uneventful evening but I feel good today!
Also yesterday Hayden fell asleep in the car on the way home from the Arbortoreum, so when we got home I just carried her home and laid her down in her bed. Then after Diana got home the baby woke up and Diana went and got her and brought her out, and Hayden saw me and she waved at me! All by herself, without anyone saying, "Say hi!" or anything like that! She just looked at me and waved! She's a very smart baby.

Okay I gotta go to school now. Triple BLEH!


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