Yay! I'm Not Dead!

I'm actually feeling so much better today!
Yesterday I went and helped at my little cousin's birthday party. She had a party at a pottery-painting place. My job was to supervise the birthday girl's 3-year-old brother! I wore my old clothes because I was figuring that being around a toddler in a place filled with paints would mean I'd be a mess, but Luke was actually very good. He sat at the table next to me and diligently worked at painting a large multi-colored dog. (I can't wait to see how it turns out when its glazed!)
That was actually the first day in a week that I'd done anything other than sleep, so I was exhausted afterwards, but today I feel great!
Plus I have a free day off tomorrow because of Lincoln's Birthday. I have no idea why my school takes Lincoln's Birthday off instead of President's Day. We're like, "Screw all the other presidents! We only like Lincoln!" I mean, we don't even get Washington's birthday off! If we're going to have Lincoln's specific birthday off, shouldn't we celebrate Washington's birthday too? He was the first president, after all. I guess in Illinois we're just obsessed with Honest Abe! (Fun fact: Honest Abe's portrait has hung in my house for as long as I can remember, and hung in my Dad's house when he was a kid! When I was little I thought he was a family member!)


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