Why So Sad?

Besides ADHD, I also have serious depression, which I have lived with basically my whole life. I'm on medication for it. The meds work well... I have no side-effects from them at all, and they definitely keep my depression and anxiety in control... but often depression still sneaks up on me.
And lately, this sad feeling has been haunting me.
The kids keep me busy and happy during the day and I really don't have time to feel sad around them. Spending a day with Abby and Hayden, it is impossible to feel sad or lonely!
But whenever I stop for a moment... when I'm in my car on my way to school or home, or whatever... the sadness sidles in.Its really just a vague, uneasy feeling, with occasional needle-sharp pains in my heart, and I just think, "I wish I could disappear." I don't think I'd like to be dead, but I'd definitely settle for invisible.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm sorry that you have to struggle with depression in addition to ADHD. I hope that it lessens for you soon!

BallerinaGurl said...

Aww so sorry to hear that. I have a family member who suffers greatly from Depression. Meds are always being adjusted it is hard to watch. You know women (and men) have an advantage that we are known in the hormone world. I have done a lot of research lately on bio-identical hormones. Suzanne Somers has used her celebrity to bring new research and takes them for menopause. She has stated as well as a lot of Dr's that they help with depression and other illnessed as well. I am going to try them in the Spring for my PCOS and I encourage you to always keep searching for new meds and info on depression. It really is a hormonal/chemical imbalance and bio-identical hormones are supposed to help so I wish you luck!

Visit my blog any time! I always love new friends!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I love you! Keep on fighting that feeling and remember that you are so loved and so important to us and we think you are amazing!

And we are always here for you. You can come be with us any time, day or night, whenever you are sad or lonely!

I love you!

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