Strange Days and Stranger Nights!

How is everyone doing? Me... tired as usual. Yesterday I went with Diana and Jimmy and the kids to this indoor flea market in Chicago, where Jimmy's parents run a hat booth. It was a really cool place to walk around and look at everything. Just about everyone there is Mexican, so there's a lot of Mexican music being played loudly over the speakers, Mexican snacks being sold, and toys that were shipped here from Mexico. I liked looking at all the stuff, like the beautiful little girls' sized dresses, the kind with the big puffy skirts and sleeves that look like princess dresses! We had churros, and Brandon ended up getting a new video game system that is like a joystick that plugs directly into the TV and plays all sorts of old-school video games! And Brandon and Abby both got bobble head Chihuahuas, even though they wanted real Chihuahua instead! (A lot of people there actually did have real chihuahuas, which they were carrying around in their hands!
After the flea market we went to Hagens Fish Market, which is an old and famous fish market in Chicago. We bought a whole ton of seafood. I literally ate almost a whole pound of fried shrimp on my own. Plus sampled some of Diana's crab cakes and hushpuppies! I was so full!But it was delicious!

Then we went home, and the two older kids ended up getting picked up by their dad, Anthony, for the night. And Diana's sister was coming over to babysit Hayden. Jimmy and Diana were planning to go out to the bar and to see a concert of a band that pretends to be Bon Jovi. I didn't really want to go because I was tired and I get nervous around crowds of people, but I decided I'd just go for a little bit. And I actually ended up staying for the whole time!
We went to the little neighborhood bar first, which I like a lot better because not a lot of people go there, and the people that do go there are usually the same people all the time. Diana and Jimmy know most of them. I didn't want to drink anything because I was worried it will mess me up because of my medicine, but I was having fun because I was learning how to play pool. My younger brother once tried to teach me to play pool, but that mostly involved him explaining to me that since he is so smart, he can mathematically calculate exactly how to shoot the white ball thingy using triangular formulas and stuff, then getting mad and yelling at me because I couldn't understand how to do that, and finally making me sit down and watch him play against someone else he just met four seconds ago.
After that we went to a different bar down the street, where the band emulating Bon Jovi was playing. That was fun too except that the music was really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY REALLY loud and hurt my ears! Diana kept telling me it was just noise from the instruments, but it still made my ears hurt like crazy! Plus then when people talk to me, I can't hear them at all, so then they shout directly into my ear, which makes me want to reach into my ear, yank out my ear drum and toss it outside into the snow! Supposedly my ears are more sensitive than most people because I have ADHD (which for some reason has something to do with ears) and because I had about a thousand of ear infections when I was little (which also has something to do with ADHD!) My mom says I should bring earplugs along next time but I don't know if that will work!
So anyways aside from the noise it was fun and I had one drink which didn't make me sick or anything, and Jimmy and Diana tried to make me dance but that didn't go too well for them! They just kept getting drunker and drunker which was sort of funny to watch because by the end they were all like, "I love you, man!" like in that beer commercial!
Then we went back to the original bar we were at before, which was quieter. Then Jimmy's and Diana's friend, whose name was Bob, was still trying to show me how to play pool. He said I beat him, but he was actually playing with different rules than me. All I was supposed to do is try to get some sort of ball somewhere to go into some sort of pocket, but he was playing where he had to actually predict what ball would go into what pocket. So I had like a hundred of my balls left and he was down to the eight ball, and he said it would go into one pocket, but it went into a different pocket instead. So he said, "You win!" and walked away.
I went and found Diana and said, "That guy Bobby said I beat him at pool." Cause for some reason I thought his name was Bobby because I heard people call him that. Then Diana said, "You call him BOBBY now?" and she went and told everyone, "Nicki calls your friend BOBBY!" I was like, "Ugh..." and I went and watched TV.
But the TV show was scary cause they showed this little boy was trying on clothes with his dad, and his dad went to pick out some clothes for the little boy, and when he came back the boy was gone and he couldn't find him. Then it showed the little boy's dead body floating in a lake. It was very freaky to see, especially since I was watching it with the sound turned off!
So eventually they closed the bar and thats when we went home and I went to bed.
And in the morning I had to unfortunately get up early and go home so I could go see my little cousins with my mom.
It was a really fun night and it felt cool to be a part of a group. Jimmy is hella cool and he is very nice to Brandon and Abby, and Hayden too obviously! He kept saying I am a good person and that we are all family now so I should just relax and have fun. But I can't never believe that when people say it, not anymore, cause it seems like most of my life has been one long string of temporary de facto families who swore they'd be around forever and always. After a while they get sick of you. Or they punch you in the head and choke you and steal from you. Or they do worse.
That being said I definitely think Jimmy is cool. I have definitely, definitely noticed a change in Diana's house since he's been around. Maybe its just cause I haven't been around there 24/7 so I just see things in glimpses, but its just a different feeling there now, like lighter or something. Now everyone seems to be happy and joking. When Tony was around everyone laughed and joked too, but there was always this overall tension that shit could hit the fan at any minute! And shit often did hit the fan! You could be having a great and happy time, the best day in the world, but one person says one joke wrong, or one thing goes wrong, and BAM! People are being injured! People are crying! Knives are being used as threats! Money and valuables are being hidden! Holes are punched in walls! Children are being haphazardly thrown into cars to escape! Cops are being called! There was always that feeling, and I think the kids felt it too because now I definitely feel like they feel safer, even if they're still cranky a lot of the time. Jimmy and Diana do fight, but when they fight its not like, "Oh shit, everyone get ready, here we go!" Its just, like, words.
Also, Diana and Jimmy want me to start watching Abby and Hayden three days a week when I am not in school. That came about after I was attempting to get a different child care job involving a little boy with special needs. (Which, by the way, I have a feeling isn't going to work out, because the mom at that job had said she would contact me by Saturday evening, and its now Sunday afternoon!) I think it would be cool to watch Abby and Hayden, and I could keep them busy like doing projects and going to the library and stuff. Well Hayden can't do projects, as much, but still... The only problem is I have a Friday afternoon class, and at the other job I was applying for the mom was a stay-at-home mom so I was just there to be an extra hand, and I could leave early on Fridays to go to my class, but I don't know how that would work out if I am watching Abby and Hayden.
So, stay tuned for further developments on that story!
In the mean time, here is an entertaining video involving Hayden!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a fun time!! It was so nice to see you. I hope you start coming around more often!

Sorry about the extreme drunkenness....definitely took that a little too far that night. Sometimes its just fun to let yourself go.

Hear anything about the job? Let me know what happens. And just don't panic because you know we would LOVE for you to watch the kids. What type of impression did you get from Sue about watching Emily? I only caught bits and pieces of that conversation.

What did you think of them (Sue and Mike)? Mike is so sweet too isn't he?

I sent the video of Trixie to Brandon...he'll be so excited to see her. And the one of Hayden I just LOVE!!! She is so cute, isn't she?

So, Anthony had court today...and they took him back into custody. Unbelieveable huh? I feel so bad for him, and the kids. Ugh.

Any word from Maggie and Melissa?


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