Sleepy Sunday

Hi everyone! It is Sunday at 6:34 pm and I managed to go all day without ever getting out of my pajamas! It was a big accomplishment for me. I also cleaned my room.
Yesterday I had to go to my little cousin's birthday party. Yeah, it seems like I'm always going to my little cousin's birthday party, and some people ay ask, "How many birthdays does your little cousin have?" The answer: I have three little cousins! The one whose party I went to yesterday was Nicholas, who turned two.
Highlights of the party:
* A lot of my uncle and his wife's friends and their small children were there, as well as family members. My uncle's wife had put together goody bags for all of the children and for my other little cousins, all under the age of six. And she gave me a goody bag too! I don't know whether to be happy or insulted or what!
* My grandpa announced to me that my uncle's best friend since childhood (who was at the party) isn't married, has a good job, has his own house, and "would be a good catch!" I was like, "Oh. Hmm, well, that's nice, isn't it!" Awk-waaaaaaard!
* My aunt was there, and she gave me a thank-you present for helping out at my other cousin's birthday party last week. She gave me a Webkinz! A Webkinz is a little stuffed animal, but the cool thing about it is when you buy one you get a secret code, which you enter into the Webkinz website, and then you get your own virtual pet that looks just like your Webkinz in real life! My aunt and my little cousin Kaylie are totally addicted to Webkinz. So my aunt gave me one, and last night I went to the site and registered! Its a little bit like Neopets, but for slightly younger kids. Its fun though! I love virtual pets! I can also "friend" my little cousin, and be able to send her messages and virtual gifts and stuff. Isn't that cute?
Anyway. Sometime next week I am probably going to be starting to watch my little nieces during the day a few days a week, which should be fun! I've found out some cool things I can do with them, such as the Kidz Club at the mall twice a week where they have singing and dancing and character visits and stuff for little kids, the story time at the library with the Enchanted Forest, and free hour at Jump And Pump Party. A good time will be had by all!


Scarlett_333 said...

Thank you- that is sweet of you. I am really hoping she gets it this time!

P.S. I love those don't get out of pajamas days :)

~Melissa~ said...

Don't get out of PJ days are my favorite!!!

My D loves Webkinz! I bought myself one so that I could send him little notes and things.

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