The Skinny

I seem to be losing a lot of weight lately. It may be partially because of a side effect from my medication, Adderall. Its probably also because I've been sick so many times in the past month. I had bronchitis, and then the stomach flu, and then a sinus infection. When I'm sick I have trouble bringing myself to eat... Eating is just a huge pain in the ass.
I've barely been eating at all lately though, even when I'm not sick. When I wake up I usually take my fifty million medications with juice or Dr. Pepper. Then a few hours later I might have something for lunch... a sandwich if I'm ambitious, or just a bagel or a banana. Half the time I never get around to eating dinner, unless my mom is home and she actually makes something and then says, "Come and eat!" forty times so I feel obligated to eat something.
My mom gets mad because she says I'm "helpless" because I barely eat unless she makes something. And my dad accuses me of becoming anorexic in order to deal with my mom's controllingness. But its not that I don't want to make something, or that I want to eat but refuse to... its just that eating doesn't really appeal to me. Not just for the sake of eating. If its something I absolutely love, like order-out pizza, or broccoli spaghetti, or even fast food, I'll enjoy it... but when its stir-fried vegetables and rice, or a dry slab of meat and a hard potato, I just don't really get hungry. And sometimes, when I actually am hungry, the only thing I can convince myself to eat is a bowl of plain oatmeal with no sugar.
I guess its good that I'm losing weight, though, right?


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