Sick AGAIN? Jeez!

Dude, I swear I've been spending too much time on the Internet lately, because I got another virus! (Either that or Abby gave it to me!) I have a sore throat, huge headache, fever, etc.
Being sick is inconvenient at my house. I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing, burning head and achy throat. I decided to go downstairs to get some Tylenol and Emergen-C.
However its physically impossible to go downstairs without waking up everyone on the block, because my house is so creaky! And you know how when you're trying to be quiet, everything you do makes noise? Like you reach for a light and end up knocking over a glass thats on the counter?
Or maybe thats just me.
I turned on this overhead light that is over the kitchen sink, because it is dimmer than the regular kitchen light. It turns on with a chain. Took my Tylenol, drank my Emergen-C. Pulled on the chain to turn the light of. But the chain came off in my hand!
Now the light will be on forever and ever.
Thats why being sick in my house is inconvenient!


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