Productive Day

Well, I was a busy bee today! I found some free car seats on Craigslist so I went and picked them up this morning from this dude in my town who is getting rid of all of his possessions and moving to India. Then I had to wash the seat covers because they smelled like Indian food, which isn't a small I particularly like. Actually they still smelled a little after I washed them, so I cleaned them again with Woolite, and wiped down the plastic seat parts with Lysol. Then I actually installed them! The booster seat was a cinch, but I practically had to build the infant seat from scratch! Anyway now when I watch Abby and Hayden we could go places!
Then I studied for a test I have tomorrow, while finishing the rest of my homework. After that, I took Trixie outside for a while to play in the snow... and produced some very interesting pictures! (Trixie is a hard person to photograph because she hates looking at the camera, so I had to be very sneaky while getting my pictures.) Want to see?

Here is Trixie doing her favorite outdoor thing,,, digging in the snow!

Here is Trixie AFTER digging in the snow!

Trixie chewing on wood

Trixie trying to eat my snowman

She is such a weird little puppy!


~Melissa~ said...

You have been busy!

Trixie is so cute!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I just love the pictures of Trixie especially the one with snow all over her face!

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