Our Mini-Vacation in Michigan!

Hi everyone! I just spent the weekend in Michigan with Diana, Jimmy, Brandon, Abby, Hayden, and Clover the dog! We went up there to visit Diana's older brother John and his nine-year-old daughter. We had a great time... but I'll let this video speak for itself!

The ride there, as you can see, seemed sort of long! We figured Abby and Brandon would sleep most of the way, but they really stayed up for the whole ride and drove each other crazy! Plus I had a horrid stomachache the whole way so maybe thats why it seemed so long.
But once we got there, it was a lot of fun! We had one of those things where two hotel rooms are joined up with a door in the middle, so it wasn't fifty people crammed into one small room (which is the way me and Diana usually seem to roll when we go anywhere with the kids... we get a room for two adults and two kids, to pay the cheapest price possible, and then bring like four adults and five kids!) The room Diana and Jimmy slept in had a whirlpool in it, so the kids spent a lot of time in there when we weren't all down at the regular pool. The kids were meeting their cousin Brianna for the first time, but there was only a few minutes of shyness among them before they were all running around like they'd known each other forever! John actually had to work a lot of the time while we were there, which was a bummer, but Brianna stayed with us the whole time, so that was cool.
I hope we go back again and see them! Brianna is a really cool little kid. She's a tough little punk who loves wrestling and has a sarcastic sense of humor, but she's also a little girly who loves Hannah Montana and is great with the littler kids! And you should hear that shorty play the drums! (Well, I guess you did hear her, if you saw the video!)
The only sad part was on Sunday when we had to say goodbye to everyone. Diana and her brother hadn't seen each other for ten years, so they had been so excited to be spending time together, and it was hard for them to part ways again. But hopefully they will get to see each other more often and stay in touch from now on!
We had originally planned to go home on Sunday, but ended up staying another night and leaving on Monday afternoon. The ride home on Monday seemed way shorter to me for some reason, maybe because I already knew where we were going. It always seems shorter when you know whats going on! Plus the kids all slept for a large chunk of that ride. Especially Abby... she must have been sleep-deprived since she barely slept a wink at the hotel! (And as I was sharing a bed with her, I barely slept a wink either!)
There was a huge snowstorm going on in Illinois by the time we got back, which was at around 8 in the evening, so I ended up staying the night at Diana's and came home this morning. Now, I think I will take a shower and a quick nap!


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