Life Is Good, But I'm Freezing To Death In My Own House!

I couldn't think of a title so I just decided to make a really long and obscure one. But it's true... I really am freezing to death in here! The heat is constantly broken at my house. Constantly, I tell ya! I miss being at Diana's house because it's always nice and warm.
Speaking of Diana's house, I've started watching Abby and Hayden lately, in lieu of a regular job. Its a cool solution for me because I've had a habit of quitting actual jobs because of reasons such as, I get aggravated with having to do dumb things just because "corporate" says so, I get bored at jobs that sound like they'll be really cool but turn out to be just doing the same exact thing over and over at all times, such as walking around a children's museum and "resetting" exhibits. Dude, that job, which I did have for a while, seemed really cool because I loved the children's museum! But after several months of resetting the same exhibits 500,000 times per day, you just start to lose your mind, man! I have ADHD and my mind is constantly looking for some sort of stimulation. This is why I think, when I actually get my teaching degree, it will finally be the perfect job for me because I'll actually be able to use my imagination and be challenged.
But until then, watching Abby and Hayden is pretty cool! I try to do a lot of stuff to keep them busy and having fun... well, mostly Abby, because Hayden is only 8 months old so she can't do a whole lot, other than chew on stuff and play in her bouncy chair and what-not. Hayden is mostly just happy to hang around Abby and Brandon. She thinks they're highly amusing!
Plus the best part is, I love the idea of being in Abby and Hayden's everyday lives! When Brandon was their age I lived with him so I was always around, but for Abby and Hayden I've mostly just been a visitor to the household. So it will be cool for me to be able to be around all the time!
The only bad part is, I feel so weird actually getting paid to watch them! It goes against my instincts or something. Actually Anthony paid me ten dollars once for watching the kids at night, which I think just made him feel good because he'd been paid that day. But other than that I always got taught never to take money for watching any kids in my family such as my little cousins, so it feels equally strange getting paid to watch Abby and Hayden! But I guess its just cause I'm watching them instead of working, so I have to have some sort of income in order to pay for junk! Right?
I had sort of a crappy day today because I had school, which was okay, but then I had to spend like two hours trying to get my medication refilled. Way back on Friday I went to the Walgreens to get my prescription refilled, and it turned out the bottle said "No Refills", which I hadn't noticed because I'd just gotten the new prescription an month ago and usually I get three refills with it before I have to call in. So the pharmacist was going to fax in a refill request to my doctor, and said it wouldn't be ready until Monday, so they ended up giving me four "emergency" pills.
Of course Monday we were still foraging our way home from Michigan, and then Tuesday I was going to go to Walgreens on my way to school(I had sent the prescription to the Walgreens by my school, because at the time it had been convenient) and on Wednesday I didn't have school. So today I went to the Walgreens on my way to school, thinking for sure the prescription would be there... but guess what? The doctor had never sent them the refill order, although they had called several times!
The pharmacist called again, and told me to call and check in a few hours.
So after school I called Walgreens and, guess what? Still no prescription!
I called the doctor's office, seething. You barely ever hear me get angry but when I've been off my medication for three days, its much easier for me to snap! I was like, "I have a big problem! My pharmacist sent in a refill request last week, and they've been calling your office several times, and nobody has sent the prescription. I'm getting sick from not having my medication, and I need it sent, right now."
I guess I was too irritable because the lady said, "Well, its not going to be right now this very moment. It will be there by the end of the day."
Obviously I didn't want to sit around in Chicago all day. But luckily I found out I could transfer it to the Walgreens near my house. So I have to go pick it up in about half an hour.
What an ordeal! I hate this medicine, because although it keeps my mood stable while I'm on it, the withdrawal side effects when I go off it make me feel way worst than I ever did before I started taking it in the first place! And I go through withdrawal on a regular basis because trying to chase down this stupid prescription is like a wild goose chase! At least with my Adderall I don't have any side effects!


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