Why Angel is ALWAYS Late No Matter What!

I have an update on the girls if you're interested!
By the way, just in case my professor is reading this, let me tell you why I was late for class today. Here is a little info on how my mornings go! (And just so you know, yes we do have two bathrooms... but the one downstairs contains just a toilet and a washbasin, whereas the other one contains a shower, a large sink with drawers stocked with hygiene stuff, etc.)

8:15... Wake up because dog is yelling at me through the gate. Notice Mom is in the bathroom, so I figure I will go back to sleep until she gets out, so I can take a shower when she's done.

8:25... Wake up again. Mom still in shower.

8:35... Wake up again. Mom out of shower but still in bathroom.

8:45... Wake up again. Mom still in bathroom.

8:55. Mom still in bathroom. Decide to get up and get dressed without taking a shower.

9:10... Play with dog. Mom still in bathroom.

9:20... Make some breakfast. Mom still in bathroom.

9:30... Mom comes down and asks me to help put dog's eardrops in.

9:35... Mom goes back into the bathroom.

9:40... Mom comes down. I say, "Oh man, I have to leave for school in twenty minutes, and I still haven't even brushed my teeth!"

9:41... Mom says, "Well, you'd better giddyup then!"

9:42... I kill Mom. (j/k) Actually I go upstairs and use the bathroom to wash up as best I can without an actual shower.

9:45... Go outside and begin the process of scrapping and brushing the snow off of my car.

9:52... Leave for school. Although obviously I never got to take a shower, it is okay because I had purposely scheduled myself to leave half an hour earlier than necessary, hoping I could get to school and have time to relax, check my email in the computer lab, have a muffin, etc.

(I then spend the next hour and a half stuck in inch-by-inch traffic on I-90)

11:00... Dash into my class, late as usual... probably giving the professor, the same one who said he's concerned the program won't work out for me, more ammunition to see me as a failure!

But... what can ya do?


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