Weekend Fun

I wrote about the events of today in my secret blog.
The rest of the weeked was pretty good... despite that fiasco! The girls did have a lot of fun this weekend, being able to see Brandon and Abby and Hayden and Diana and Jimmy, being with me at work, and swimming at the hotel. I tried to take a lot of pictures. When it comes to the girls I have always taken as many pictures as possible, knowing that each day I see them may be the last time I see them, at least for an undeterminable amount of time! Someday when they are older I will give them a huge book of all the pictures, and they will see that there were a lot of good times mixed in with the bad times.
I miss Diana and them so much now... I feel homesick for them... but I was so tired, I just had to come back to my own bed and my cat and everything.
Tomorrow I have work again... ugh...

Check out our slide show of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Awesome slideshow. You took some great pics. I miss them sooo much already!

It was so great to see you guys. I'm here for you if you need me.


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